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KartzHub - Best Multichannel order management software

Feel The Power Of Next Generation MultiChannel Product Management Software For Online Sellers

Trusted by more online Ecommerce sellers than any other platform, KartzHub is an advanced centralized Inventory, Listing Management Order & Multichannel ecommerce Product Management Platform for your online sales. KartzHub integrates most of the market places across the world and automates all the tedious tasks and even boosts your sales, profitability, forecasting and demand planning. On top of it all, KartzHub is built in with cutting-edge cloud-based technology to make it smoother and faster which makes it the #1 eCommerce Product Selling Platform.

Multichannel Selling

Designed exclusively by Top Online sellers to fill the gaps in ecommerce Multichannel Selling.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Built with Cutting-Edge technology for sellers that process any number of orders per day.

Greatest Minds

Backed by the greatest minds in e-commerce, with the big dev & support teams.

MultiChannel Management

Your Sales, Web store, Shipping & accounting Channels can be managed under one roof

Listing Management

All your Channels listing can be done from one Centralized location

Order Management

Your MultiChannel Orders can be seen, manage and process from one place through our MultiChannel Product selling platform.

Stock Sync

Automatic Stock Sync across all Channels based on your daily Orders

Warehouse Management

KartzHub supports Amazon FBA, MCF (MultiChannel Fulfilment) & MWM (Multi Warehouse Management)

Stock Repricer

You can reprice the particular listing or item based on the competition

Shipping Management

All Orders invoices, labels can be printed and managed from a single location in our MultiChannel Product selling online platform.

All Orders invoices, labels can be printed and managed from single location

Accounting & Reports

Intelligent dashboard and number of reporting options KartzHub provides and integrates with popular accounting systems to generate the P&L

Enjoy Selling on eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and many more marketplaces with Kartzhub.


  • Cutting Edge Technology – Cloud Based Software – Quicker & Faster
  • One simple funnel – keeping your daily tasks simple, manageable and efficient
  • Unprecedented multi-channel inventory visibility and control of all marketplaces and shipping carriers.


  • Prevents overselling dynamically that increase customer satisfaction and prevent marketplace suspension.
  • KartzHub shipping is powerful, and rules engines that optimize shipping, reduce costs, and personalize customer experience.
  • Fully auto-generated purchase orders based on sales volumes, lead times, and seasonality for each and every product.


  • KartzHub has an intelligent dashboard, which shows predictive analytics in all the channels, reveals trends and shows what will happen before it actually happens.
  • KartzHub underpins its solutions with 'deep Multichannel expertise' by leveraging its SOA Framework and Cloud based technology.
  • It ensures that backend process like Channel Integration, MultiChannel Listing, MultiChannel Stock Sync is carried out smoothly and efficiently.
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KartzHub - Best Multichannel order management software

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