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My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

Our Story – How We Started A Successful Online Store Selling Wedding Linens

The year was 2007 and my wife and I were victims of a dreaded condition known as complacency. If you’ve never heard of this terrible condition before, it’s a disease that leads to spending 10 hours a day at a job that you don’t particularly like.

It’s an illness that stops you from pursuing your personal goals and aspirations because you can never find the time.

It’s a debilitating condition that causes you to trudge through each day doing the daily grind as life quickly passes you by.

Back then, my wife and I used to get up early in the morning, go to work, eat dinner, sleep and then wake up again the next day to repeat the cycle.

Days quickly faded into weeks, weeks dissolved into months and months soon became years of the same routine.

Even though we both made a pretty good salary from our day jobs, we were coasting our way through life like lifeless zombies. After all, we weren’t challenging ourselves. We weren’t trying new things and we stayed within our comfort zonewhen making important decisions. We had no sense of purpose and we were unmotivated and stagnant.

It sounds harsh, but my wife and I were lazy pieces of !@#$. Even though we had a lot of free time, we always ended up wasting it on empty activities. For example, our day consisted of working from 9-6:30pm, eating dinner and then watching television until it was time to go to bed.

Days and weeks went by quickly and we didn’t have anything to show for it. Even when I try really hard, I am unable to recall any specific memories during that period of my life. The only thing I remember is that I watched a hell of a lot of television and that my wife was terribly unhappy with her day job.


The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast is an interview based show where I bring in small business entrepreneurs who are killing it online. But there’s a twist. All of the entrepreneurs on my show bootstrapped their businessesand started their own ventures to improve their lifestyle in some way.

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Online Store Products, Services And Tools I Recommend

Since I commonly get asked what services I use for my online store, I thought it would be useful to create a resource page that details every product, tool and service I recommend. If you are thinking about starting an online store in the near future, you should bookmark this page for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

Web Hosting

Blue Host – Blue Host is the shared host that my wife and I used for 2 years to run our online store before we switched over to dedicated hosting. BlueHost is inexpensive, reliable and offers a wide array of free services. Highly recommended for new shop owners.
Note: readers are eligible to receive 29% off of Bluehost by clicking on this link

Storm On Demand – Storm On Demand is the dedicated webhost that I use now for every website I own including my blog and online store. Service and uptime are top notch and I haven’t had any problems yet. If you are looking for VPS or dedicated hosting, Storm On Demand is awesome.

WP Engine – If you have a slow WordPress blog and you really don’t want to deal with any of the technical aspects of speeding up a website, then you should probably sign up for a service like WP Engine. These guys specialize in WordPress hosting and will make sure your blog runs as fast as possible. But naturally, this comes at a price.

Keyword Research Tools

Long Tail Pro – Long Tail Pro is my favorite keyword research tool and has largely replaced Market Samurai due to its sheer speed. I also personally know the creator, Spencer Haws, who I interviewed on my podcast. What’s great about Spencer is that he eats his own dog food and is constantly improving this tool from personal experience. Click here to grab Long Tail Pro at a discount!

Amazon Tools

JungleScout – The best Amazon product research tool out there. You can instantly find out how much money a product is making on Amazon. Use this link and get 10% off select tools!

Feedback Genius – The best way to solicit legitimate product reviews on Amazon. What’s nice about Feedback Genius is that you can setup automated email sequences to your Amazon customers and generate reviews on autopilot. Highly recommended!

Ignite – The best way to run your Amazon Sponsored Products ads. Ignite provides keyword and bid suggestions and allows you to access all of your data in one convenient place. Highly recommended!

Scope – The ultimate keyword research tool for Amazon. Scope allows you to peer into your competitor’s listings to figure out which keywords are converting the most sales. I use this tool for every single product I list on Amazon. Highly recommended!

Snag Shout – Snag Shout is a great way to launch a brand new product on Amazon. Perhaps the largest marketplace of Amazon product reviewers on the Internet, you can easily snag a bunch of reviews to jump start your listing.

Fetcher – The default Amazon dashboard sucks and it’s really difficult to tell which products are making a profit and how well you are doing. Fetcher makes your finances crystal clear.

Hello Profit – Another dashboard tool that tells you which products are making a profit and how much money you are truly making on Amazon after all fees. They also offer various alerts to monitor your account. More features than Fetcher but more expensive as a result.

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