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Our Specialty Services

Here are a few of the LTL services that we specialize in:

SMALL BUSINESS SHIPPING can eliminate the worry out of establishing logistics for your small business with LTL shipping services that can move your company’s goods safely and efficiently. With in your corner, you’ll never have to worry about loading an entire truck to fill your customers’ orders. We can be your complete shipping system solution, handling every aspect of your logistics including returns and exchanges.


Shipping furniture, no matter how far, can be a major undertaking — especially if your shipment is too large for common carriers but not large enough for a full truckload. With, however, LTL delivery of your furniture is easy and convenient. Our experienced professionals can help you move furniture with care, at a price you can afford.


Big and bulky items present a challenge because they are too cumbersome to ship through most carriers but often aren’t enough to fill an entire truckload. makes it possible to ship these items without paying for space in a truck you’re not using. We’ll help you find the right carrier options and price points that are fit your shipping needs.

Not matter what you require…GOSHIP.COMmakes the shipping process easy for you.

After you get a free quote through our easy-to-use website, we’ll provide the most economical and convenient shipping services available. You don’t need to know anything about the shipping industry, because we work with the best LTL shipping companies in North America to put together the finest carriers and services for your precise needs.

Shipping Services

When you need freight services that deliver more, is here for you. Need to ship large items or furniture across town or across the country? We have the resources you need to get the job done right and the items transported in a safe and timely manner. Need help with shipping less-than-truckload (LTL services) for your small business? Our experience speaks for itself. With logistics set up for shipping across the United States, we can handle all your shipping needs.

LTL Shipping

LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping describes freight shipments that are too big for parcel carries such as the US Postal Service. At, we can handle your larger-than-parcel items with ease. Our network of pre-qualified carriers is certified and trusted to handle all of your LTL shipping needs. is one of the only online LTL freight marketplaces – we can get you what you need, where you need it, and when you need it.

Small Business Shipping

Developing a plan to handle your logistics and supply chain can be difficult at best, no matter the size of your business. The best possible service and a logistics operation that prioritizes timeliness are the standards that you require. When it comes to shipping services, there’s no option that can deliver like’s freight services. We’ll get you off the ground and enjoying our easy-to-use options in no time.

Furniture Shipping

Shipping furniture can present unique challenges. As relatively bulky items, they can be difficult to package. Because they often have odd shapes, packing them in a way to avoid damage can present even more challenges. Fortunately,’s experience helps ensure that your furniture makes it safely to its next destination.

Large Item Shipping

There’s a reason people joke about moving pianos — they’re a bit of a pain. Yet when you need to move a large item, whether it’s a piano or any number of hard-to-ship items, finding the right shipping company can be a challenging task at best. Many shippers won’t handle larger items because of the difficulty these items can cause to their logistics and the potential for damage. You won’t find this problem at When you need to ship your large items safely, carefully and quickly, we are here to help you get the job done.

Cross-Country Shipping

Sure, there are some objects you can toss in the back of a pickup, but when it comes to the long haul, nobody does it better than We offer a range of cross-country shipping options to help you get your item to where it needs to go in the United States.

Whether you’re trying to get a shipment from Los Angeles to New York, or Chicago to Houston, or anywhere else coast to coast, we can help you get it there fast, safely and within your budget.

Appliance Shipping

Appliances are some of the hardest items to ship – but at, we make it easy. Shipping appliances has never been easier with a team of industry professionals by your side. Whether you’re shipping your washing machine or shipping industrial appliances, you can GoShip It.


With everything we have to offer our clients, we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. If you are ready to book a shipment with, click here to get started and get an instant quote with our easy-to-use website. At, our job is taking your logistics issues from a few clicks to done. is not able to ship items requiring a refrigerated truck or refrigerated shipping option. is not responsible for any damages caused by lack of equipment to support such items.

GoShip FAQ


How does choose carriers? partners with only the most reputable contract carriers across North America. Each carrier is required to go through numerous steps to meet the U.S. Department of Transportation’s strict Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) requirements.

When was founded? started in 2016 as an idea that quickly became reality. Over the time of our development, we have quickly become a top subject in the industry, and we plan to keep it that way.

What can ship?

You’d be surprised, but we can ship a lot! We offer dedicated less-than-truckload (LTL) services for small businesses and individuals. We tailor to just about anything that can fit on a truck…but doesn’t need the whole truck (thus the less-than-truckload shipping). If you’re not sure that we can ship it, drop us a line and we will give you an answer.

Can I ship refrigerated items with

Unfortunately, we can’t ship items that require any sort of refrigerated truck or refrigerated shipping option.

General Shipping Questions

What is considered less-than-truckload?

LTL is ideal for shipments larger than a parcel (small package). More specifically, any item(s) that don’t require the use of the full truck space or weight capacity so that other shippers can share the same space. Most often, LTL requirements state that the max load weight is 15,000 pounds or less.

What do you need to do before making a shipment?

The first thing you should do is collect proper dimensions, including the weight, of the freight you plan on shipping. Accurate dimensions are crucial to prevent unexpected charges due to adjustments. We will then use the information you gave us to calculate the freight class for you when you go to complete your free quote.

How are rates calculated?

Less-than-truckload (LTL) rates are based on the freight class determined by the National Motor Freight Classification (“NMFC”) and based on your shipment’s weight. All displayed transit times are estimates only and do not include the date of pickup. Although carriers will make every effort to meet your pickup and delivery dates, however LTL pick up and delivery dates are not guaranteed.

How do I determine freight class?

Freight classes are determined by weight, dimensions, density, storage capability, value, ease of handling, and liability (from cases such as theft, damage, breakability and spoilage). There are 18 freight classes, so how can you determine which class you’re in? Lucky for you, has a built-in freight density calculator so when you enter your shipment specifications – we’ll tell you what your freight class is!

What is a bill of lading (BOL)?

The bill of lading is one of the most important documents that you are required to present to the carrier in order to ship your freight. It is a contract between the carrier and the shipping that includes important information such as addresses, fright class, dimensions, item description, and any additional instructions needed.

How important is the packaging of your freight?

Your freight’s protection is the carrier’s number one concern. But sometimes things may happen, especially if you package your freight incorrectly. Be sure that you wrap your freight in proper materials to keep it safe and restrict movement. When packing, be sure the boxes or crates are as full as possible with packing material to fill the empty spaces. We highly recommend palletizing, if possible, as it is the best safety solution. It is good to note any special requests about the freight you’re shipping on your BOL so the carrier can identify them.

How do you choose the right carrier?

Your free quote gives you multiple options to choose from our trusted list of carriers. The right one for you depends on your budget, what you’re shipping, and where you’re shipping too. We leave the ball in your court so you can pick the one that fits your needs. We always recommend researching carriers before you select one.

How many carriers are there to choose from? has created a list of thousands of trusted carriers whom we have a good standing relationship with. Our carriers cover many different regions across the country and meet the US DOT’s Compliance, Safety and Accountability requirements.

How do I track my shipment?

To track your shipment, you will receive an email with the necessary tracking information when your shipment is picked up and delivered.

How do I cancel a shipment?

If you would like to cancel a shipment, reach out to us at or give us a call at 833-U-GOSHIP.

Billing Questions

How do payments work for customers? users book their shipments online with a credit card which automatically authorizes to dispatch the shipment to the assigned carrier for pickup on behalf of the user.

How do you pay the carrier? pays the carriers based on our pre-negotiated contract rates that are only valid for users and per the assigned carriers’ policies that are outlines in their rules tariff documents.

Fees and service charges

When booking your shipment, you are given options for accessorial services which will be added to your bill once you book the shipment. These can be services such as inside delivery, load dock or forklift use.

Another thing you may see on your bill is adjustment fees. If your freight dimensions, weight, addresses, product descriptions were entered incorrectly, your carrier will have to edit the BOL and make changes to the shipments causing a delay. The carrier won’t hesitate to supply a fee for that, so be accurate because those can get pricey!

Refunds and disputes

If for any reason there was an issue with your shipment or your shipment needs to be cancelled, reach out to our billing team so we can handle your request as soon as possible. will charge a cancellation fee of 10% of shipment with a minimum fee of $100.

Other Questions

How do I contact

Easy! Visit our Contact Us page to send us an email or to reach us by phone. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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