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Why GDW Inc.? The risk of sending a product straight from manufacturer to Amazon can be catastrophic to your business. We have seen it first hand that everything looks great until that one shipment with a defect makes it into FBA. GDW receives your shipment and helps you identify any potential product or packaging damage.

Any incorrect or missing labels. Or a plethora of other potential issues which will save you money in Amazon penalty fees, negative reviews, and ultimately unhappy customers. GDW provides absolutely all the services you need to get your goods from the supplier to the FBA facility, so you can focus on growing your company not working for your company. GDW services help keep your customers happy, eliminate the risk of sending incorrect products to Amazon.


Photography Services

GDW was the First FBA Prep facility to offer professional photography to our clients and we lead the way in this one of the most important area of your business.


Our Product Inspection service was designed to ensure that your product arrives at its destination in the condition you expect.


Amazon FBA manages their stock with a custom stock code in the form of a bar code that must be on every product included in their stock management system.


If you are shipping by air express (DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.) and the value is $200 or less, the courier will clear the shipment through customs without requiring any further documentation.

About GDW Inc

GDW Inc has been in the online retail business and fulfillment business for over 15 years total with the last 5 years 100% online. Longer than almost all of our competition.

Join GDW Inc and let us help you grow your online business.

With the brands we already have established, the decade of experience we have under our belts, we are poised to become the number one Online Retail service company in the world.

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