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FBA Inventory Replenishment

Supply Chain Efficiency

Make FBA inventory replenishment as painless as possible.

Prevent Stockouts

Experienced sellers know stockouts are horrible for sales. Our algorithm prevents FBA inventory stockouts.

Eliminate the Guesswork

Use hard data to determine when to buy more inventory and how much to buy. Don’t waste time downloading reports and then guessing how much to buy.

FBA Analytics Dashboard

Advanced Product Insights

Historical sales rank, order, and buy box price data on a single screen, to help you make fast and accurate buying decisions.

Foresee Future Problems

Forecastly’s analytics help to predict future sales and inventory issues.

Real-time Inventory Valuation

Say goodbye to fiddling with spreadsheets to find where your cash is tied up. Month-end snapshots of your inventory to make accounting much easier.

Tired of tracking inbound shipments?

Forecastly’s inbound tracking tool allows you to spend less time doing the boring work.

Prioritize Shipments

You’ll know which shipments require your immediate attention so you can prioritize your time. No longer waste time on small shipment errors.

Fast PO Creation

Create PO’s for your suppliers on the fly. Email a PDF copy directly from the shipment screen to save time.

Important Shipment Details

See the cost, estimated profit, and shipment status right from your shipment dashboard. No more fumbling around with paperwork to see where your shipment stands.

Identify Inbound Problems

The shipment detail page shows which shipments need to be reconciled with Amazon. You’ll know the total cost of the lost inventory so you can make sure a reimbursement is correct.

Growth Is About Processes

Forecastly is designed specifically to help you grow your Amazon sales. This tool helps you build business processes that make your life easier and allow you to focus on more important tasks.

Supplier Relationships

Building strong supplier relationships is extremely important to any Amazon FBA business. This all starts with organization. Forecastly is built to help you manage those relationships and make them stronger.

Automation Makes It Easy

We’ve automated parts of the Amazon sales process to make things flow better. As you know, it’s easy when you start, but gets much more complicated as you begin to scale. We’re here to help with that!

Clear Cut Dashboard

Amazon gives us some great tools to sell on the site. Unfortunately, sometimes we need more info. Forecastly’s dashboard will give you an overview of your business to enhance your decision-making.

Advanced Math, Not Educated Guessing

Inventory management is based off proven math calculations. Simply guessing how many items you should buy is a recipe for disaster. Eventually you’ll get burned!


We’ve designed this tool to fit into your organization. You can make customizations to the algorithms to ensure the estimates work for you.


Why is this better than Amazon’s recommendations?

There are a number of reasons why Forecastly’s replenishment predictions are the most accurate of any software. One of the most important reasons is that we factor in variability in customer demand and inventory lead time. We also properly account for in-stock percentage when calculating your sales velocity. The advanced algorithm has been developed by professional inventory managers and statisticians to make an incredibly accurate prediction of future demand.

How long does it take to import my data from Amazon?

This depends entirely on Amazon and the size of your account. Typically it takes 12-24 hours to import all of your inventory and sales data. We keep a close eye on all new accounts to ensure a smooth start.

Will my credit card be charged when I sign up?

We ask for a credit card to get started but you certainly won’t be charged for during your trial period.

How long is the free trial for?

You have a full two weeks to test out Forecastly and figure out how it will best fit into your business processes. You can cancel at any point in the trial and won’t be charged.

I’m a private label seller, will this app help me?

This tool was built by FBA sellers, for FBA sellers. Things are easy when you get started, but you quickly realize that it’s hard to keep organized. In order to grow you need to automate. That’s where Forecastly helps out. It frees up time for more important tasks!

What if I sell more than 25,000 orders per month?

We have a custom plan for you. We’re also happy to give you personal service to get your account running smoothly. Send us a quick email to let us know your situation and we’ll help you get started. Want to get set up right now? Just sign up using the “Expert” plan and reach out to us to let us know your account is over 15,000 orders per month.

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