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FBAPulse is a project by Coran & Leanne Woodmass.

Firstly, thanks for checking out the site and we hope you’ve subscribed to the FBA Newsletter as well as the FBA Business Sales Report.

For those who don’t know me I’m Leanne, a FBA seller, Amazon consultant and data nut. I’ve been a seller for over a year now (since May 2015) managing our own brand and unique product. I’ve also worked as a consultant with the AMZ Tracker team for 9 months where I was exposed to many aspects of an FBA business.

My goal with this site & the newsletter is to take the best weekly content out there about Amazon FBA and share it with you, saving you hours of your precious time, rather than trolling through hundreds of tweets, or thousands of FB posts.

Coran is all about the FBA business sales and spends most of his time trawling the net scouring for Amazon businesses for sale. He curates his findings in an awesome monthly report. Additionally if you’re looking to sell your Amazon business you can discuss your options with him over at

With FBA Pulse you’ll get the best stuff of what I curate during the week with a brief summary of the content (article, podcast or post), and then my thoughts on why it matters. And of course if you see something worth sharing please send it to me so I can get the word out as well.

Looking for something in particular related to Amazon FBA? If you haven’t already let me know, email me at leanne (at) fbapulse (dot) com. I’ll aim to cover each topic as I find worth content.

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FBA News December 17, 2016

In this week’s FBA Newsletter: EBC Hack, FB Ads Announcements, SC Updates Recapped, Amazon PPC basics & Unique Off-Amazon Strategies.

Hi guys, as 2016 holiday sales are in full swing I’m sure you’re all anxiously watching your Amazon Seller App to see if you got your forecasting right or not. Please don’t get RSI refreshing the page! Many blogs are now posting recaps of 2016 of which I’ll share my most interesting takeaways.

Tip of the Week: No more waiting for EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) to be added to your Advertising dropdown. If you’re Brand Registered then you can access this section using a direct link Source: AMPM Podcast FB Group.

FBA News December 11, 2016

In this week’s FBA Newsletter: Investor Copycats, Low Comp High Vol Strategy, Longer Deal Cycles & an Exclusive FBA Pulse Discount for the next Global Sources Summit in HK!

Hi guys, we’ve got another packed newsletter for you this week with handy tools to save you time and new product research strategies to get you motivated to find that next elusive unicorn. Let’s get straight to it…

Tool of the Week: I came across the Amazeowl extension in a post by Dan Moody and I’m impressed. This free Chrome extension allows you to easily filter Amazon search results to show low or high potential. Check it out!

FBA News December 3, 2016

In this week’s FBA Newsletter: Sponsored Ads Fault, 1P vs 3P, Indonesia Cheapest Manufacturers & more Review Changes.

Hi guys, CNBC reports that “Amazon captured 31% of online spending over Cyber Weekend“.

FBA News November 25, 2016

In this week’s FBA Newsletter: Cyber Monday Predictions, Enhanced Brand Content, Rising PPC costs & Copy Targeting.

Hi guys, Black Friday is upon us and Cyber Monday is just around the corner. I hope you’re ready and I wish you luck with lots of sales.

Prediction of the week: Here’s a prediction from William Tjernlund about Cyber Monday: “More than half of the top 10 selling product on Cyber Monday are Manufactured by Amazon and are Amazon branded products.”

I’m sure he’s right. We all know Amazon is coming for those juicy profitable niches.

FBA News November 18 2016

In this week’s FBA Newsletter: Get 100% Seller Feedback, Promo changes AGAIN, Brand Gating & Over $95M in FBA businesses sold to date!

Hi guys, last week it seemed there was nothing of interest to report. Now it seems Amazon makes one positive change (Brand Gating) with a side of “what the heck did they do that for” ($ off promo codes being taken away). We’ll have to wait and see how this all turns out in a few weeks with promotion changes happening again. Someone will find a workaround or a new strategy I’m sure. Then they’ll make us buy a bunch of “credits” to use their confusing software. Rant over…maybe.

FBA News November 5 2016

FBA Newsletter: 5th November Edition

In this week’s FBA Newsletter: Promo’s for Rank Boosting, Building Off AMZ & 5 Cent Ad Clicks.

Hi guys, this week I’ve been catching up on some podcasts so you’ll see a few of them in this week’s newsletter. Webinars are really taking off too, but boy don’t waste your time watching them live. If you want to watch them, get the replay link and watch it a 1.7-2x speed. Your time is valuable and I know most of us do this with podcast but not videos. So check out this Chrome plugin to speed up any video in your browser.

I’m seeing a trending theme across all blogs, FB groups and webinars: building external traffic off Amazon. There’s a lot of way to do it so I’m sure you’ll be seeing this topic again in future newsletters as I weed out the gold from the dribble.

FBA News October 30 2016

In this week’s FBA Newsletter: Oct Slump, TOS Change, Global Sources Summit, Bully Sellers & Subscribe & Save now Open!

Hi guys, we’re back after a busy October (DCBKK, Global Sources Summit and a wedding). We’re ready to get you back up to date with the changes and oh boy have there been some changes!

But before we talk about that, let’s talk about October sales. Historically October is a slow month for sales leading up to Christmas spending, however some sellers feel like it’s worse than before and are speculating that the recent TOS update, US elections and weather events might also be contributing factors.

My advice, don’t freak out too much. It’s a common slump. Spring clean your FBA business; re-check our listing for optimization opportunities, assess your Amazon PPC and fix your follow-up email sequence. That’s what I’m doing to boost my slow sales month.

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