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Smart Selling Tactics for Amazon FBA Sellers

No, I’m not a millionaire, but I do make a full-time income from selling products on Amazon. This website is dedicated to teaching you how I run my business and how you can build a business of your own. Thanks for being here and please let me know how I can help you succeed on selling products online through Amazon’s FBA program! Let me help you get started…

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Must Watch #1: What exactly is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA is a unique program that allows you to sell products through Amazon’s distribution centers. Basically, if you have something to sell, you can list it on Amazon’s website and let them fulfill your orders once they sell. Watch the video above for a walk through of exactly how this process works.

Must Watch #2: What can I sell on Amazon? (100 ideas from my own inventory)

This video shows you EXACTLY what I’ve sold over the past few months on Amazon. I take you behind the scenes and talk about my inventory, what has worked and why I sold it. To make it even easier, I created a one-page guide you can download at

Other Videos that will help you

Video: How to list a product on Amazon

Summary: This video walks you through how to list a product on Amazon to sell. 

Who this video is for:  Beginners

Ideo: Complete Guide to Listing a Product on Amazon FBA

Summary: This video walks you through exactly what I do to list a product on Amazon’s FBA program. I walk you through adding the product to your inventory, creating a shipment, and shipping the product into Amazon.

Who this video is for:  Beginners

Length: Longer (so grab a cup of coffee or beverage of choice, a piece of pizza, and a notebook!)

The Perfect FBA Product

Is it too late to start an Amazon FBA business?

"Is it too late to start an FBA business?" I get this question from a lot of readers and viewers of the FBAPodcast. They wonder if they have missed the opportunity that Amazon has presented people around the world looking to market and sell … [Continue reading]

How I Use Fiverr to create my Logos [Video Tutorial]

Here is a video I put together to help people understand exactly the process that I use to create a logo for my products. Specifically, this is the product that I've been talking about on the podcast — my game board. This video is a look over my … [Continue reading]

[FBAP Ep. 5] My Product, Creating A Prototype, and a $250 Challenge to Myself

In this episode, I talk about my thoughts on trying to create a product from scratch, all for under $250. I also reveal my product — which is a game board that I created to propose to my wife. Show Notes: — A free course I put … [Continue reading]

FBA Podcast Episode 4: Starting an FBA Wholesale Business from Scratch

In this episode of the FBA Podcast, I interview my friend and fellow seller Dustin. He is the person who I've learned a great deal from about FBA over the past few years, and he share some great insight in this episode about his wholesale … [Continue reading]

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