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Effition Inspection

Effition Inspection(EI) is a professional inspection company in China with more than 6-year history. Aiming at “Terrific service, Timesaving result, Try to be your eye”, Effition Inspection can offer all the clients the best service with the cheapest price, $100 per man-day. Located in Fujian province. We have our QC nets in almost every province. For payment terms, we can accept Paypal, West Union, Bank transfer.Thanks to the support and trust of our customers, Effiti..

Consulting service-Be your agent in china

Aiming at being your best agent in China, Effition promoted our new service- Consulting service. For this service, you can ask us to help you do whatever you want. For example, collecting samples from various factories, shipping samples, searching factories, etc. We’ll spare no effort to support all our clients in every aspect. Just trust us and treat us as your office or agent in China.

Why Effition ?

  • 1 thorough English report will be sent within 24H.
  • 50+ rich experienced and well-trained inspectors in every field
  • Available in all the mainland China and HK
  • $100 per man-day, the lowest price, no any other extra charge


Pre-shipment inspection(PSI)

Pre-Shipment Inspection normally demands the production to be 100% completed and at least 80% of goods to be packed into cartons. The checked samples are randomly selected according to AQL standard.And we will mainly check below information: Quantity, Packing, Workmanship, Marking & Labeling, On-Site Tests, Client Special Requirement.

In-production inspection(DPI)

DPI inspections happens during the production process. When the goods are more than 20% finished, DPI can be conducted. Also we are able to check the production schedule and confirm that the products will be ready according to your shipment schedule. Similarly, these information will be checked during the whole inspection process: Quantity, Marking & Labeling, Workmanship,Client Special Requirement, On-Site Tests, Semi-finished product check, Raw materials check, Packing.

Container loading inspection(CLS)

Container loading means we will send our inspector on-site to monitor the whole process of the loading of the products. Sometimes, some products will be ramdomly checked. The following points are included in CLS: Quality of products, Packing, The condition of the laoding truck, The loading process, The sealing number of the lock et

Full check

Full check means that we will check the producs one by one and take enough pic. Also, some tests will be done to see if the products meet the standard. Usually, we will check the quality, packing, data measurement, tests, client special inspection demands etc.

Factory audit

For factory audit, we can send inspector on-site to check whatever the client want to know about the factory.While assessing various manufacturers and suppliers, some clients enjoy the comfort engaging Trigo as an independent third-party to assist them with all aspects of doing business in China. We can can help to make your factory visits less complicated, frustrating, and more importantly contribute a more productive outcome. Let us know what your need is, and we'll tell you how we can fulfill it. Click Here to request help.

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Effition Inspection

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