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eComSpy helps you get the lowdown before you add products to your FBA inventory.


Need a little “inside information” on the FBA market? Then eComSpy is at your service. eComSpy gives you fast and accurate intelligence for an item before you actually add it to your inventory. When you’re investigating new items to sell, it’s hard to tell a golden goose from a red herring. Maybe you’re mulling over a big inventory buy? Check with eComSpy before you take the plunge. eComSpy takes the detective work out of the process, freeing up more of your time to grow your business on the Amazon marketplace. Learn more about Why eComSpy? and How it Works.


Why eComSpy?

As an FBA merchant, you have one primary task:

Finding the right products to sell.

(And many secondary tasks, such as listing and shipping, pricing and managing inventory.)

Get that first step right

and you’ll discover more bestsellers and items with sustainable margins.

Make the wrong call

and you’ll be stuck with aging inventory.

To find the kinds of products that will help keep your inventory turning profitably and you ahead of the competition, you need the right information, and you need it fast. Turn to eComSpy, your personal business intelligence agent, to gather critical data about new and used items on all Amazon marketplaces.


An automated market intelligence tool, eComSpy can answer the following kinds of questions:

  • How many sellers are competing for marketshare on the Amazon marketplaces
  • How many of those are FBA sellers
  • What category the item is in
  • How the item ranks
  • Forecasted commissions and fees
  • What kind of prices are being charged by competitors
  • Estimated FBA fees

…and much more. If you supply your cost is for an item, eComSpy will even calculate your expected margins. Try it for free, today.

How it Works

You come up with the list of UPCs or ASINs. Upload them with cost data, and choose whether to search for new or used items.

An enterprise-class business software tool, eComSpy quickly returns a report with the following data:

  • ASIN and item title
  • Model number and manufacturer
  • Amazon product sales rank and category
  • Number of FBA sellers and total sellers
  • Lowest FBA price and lowest overall price
  • Unit weight and whether the item is oversized
  • Potential profit calculations

Use this information to make a better purchase decision. eComSpy can steer you toward products with higher margins and fewer competitors, and away from those with lower margins and a greater likelihood of just sitting in your FBA inventory, incurring charges.

Actionable Data

In the era of Saas tools and API calls, no one should rely on manual Internet research techniques. You need an app; in particular, a product research tool designed specifically for Amazon merchants like you.

eComSpy can search, discover, examine, organize and report on thousands SKUs in minutes, not hours or days. Super-fast, eComSpy is also deadly accurate.

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