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Dazmac International Logistics

DAZMAC Pty Ltd is your one-stop solution for importing cars, caravans, boats, yachts, trailers, and motorbikes to Australia.

Importing a car or boat is a complex process involving multiple companies, services, and agencies. The import process may entail inspections and quarantine, secure packing, complex tax calculations, shipping, import permits, exhaust-system modifications, document preparation and fees, and much much more. Dozens, even hundreds of steps. And each one is critical. Missing one small details can set the entire import process back to square one.

That’s where DAZMAC comes in. We’re vehicle import specialists. We’ve handled all the arrangements for thousands of smooth, error-free imports. We’ll make sure your documents are in order, ensure inspections are carried out, expedite payment of fees, and arrange for the delivery of your car or boat in perfect condition, on time, to the agreed-upon location.

No matter whether you’re importing a single motorbike or a massive open-seas yacht, DAZMAC will be there to ensure the transport and paperwork are all in order.

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Dazmac International Logistics

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