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Tracking Keywords Ranks and Products Metrics

Track keywords-related search results and products' positions, BSR, reviews, ratings, price changes, and sales volume. Benchmark your ASINs' performance history against competitors.

Keywords and Product Research & Market Analysis

Better understand and monitor your market and competition. Unveil Keywords-related market data & search volume and run product research to unveil attractive niches.

Actionable Insights and Recommendations

Leverage data, reports, and recommendations to gain deeper insights into your market, SEO opportunities, untapped niches, and ASIN performance, then drive actionable business decisions.

Start Connecting the Dots.

✓ Powerful Analytics.

✓ Beautiful Dashboards.

✓ Actionable Insights.

✓ Starting at $0/m.

Track Keywords-Related Data & Monitor Products Performance on Amazon

Spot Keywords with high search volume and low competition. Track how products change in position for specific search queries over time on Amazon. Monitor changes in Best Sellers Rank, number of product reviews, average ratings, pricing, and estimated monthly sales. Spy on your competitors, benchmark data, and extract strategic conclusions.

Track Keywords Ranks & Run Keywords-Based Market/Product Research

  • Follow changes in Products' Positions for Tracked Keywords.
  • Visualize Keywords Rank History in a beautiful Chart or Grid.
  • Export Data to Excel and access beautiful Reports.
  • Unveil Keywords Data, from Search Volume to Pricing, Sales & Reviews.
  • Gain time by using powerful Instant Filters and setting up Tags.
  • Understand what works well and best practices in terms of SEO.
  • Spot new Market Entrants and prepare to Defend your Niche.

Monitor Products Performance

  • Monitor changes in Best Sellers Rank, Reviews, Ratings, and Price.
  • Track & compare Sales Estimates and Product Listing Changes.
  • Record events & understand how they affected products performance.
  • Spy on target competitors and spot new market entrants early on.
  • Benchmark how you do as compared to competitors over time.

Analyze your Market and Competitive Landscape & Discover New Niches.

How well do you know your competition and keep up with its daily changes? DataHawk helps you stay up-to-date and go a step further by adjusting your product positioning to avoid fierce competition.

Understand your Competition

  • Know how your market is structured qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Understand what price ranges and sub-products perform best.
  • Discover the number of reviews required to compete in a niche.
  • Know where market demand is and where competition is low.
  • Unveil an estimate of ASINs sales volume data.
  • Avoid price wars, secure the buybox via a better product positioning.

Run Product Research

  • Unveil attractive niches with low competition and high demand.
  • Find products ideas with their FBA costs, sales estimates, and margins.
  • Filter down using target criterias such as price and ratings.
  • Narrow down your choice using Keyword & ASIN monitoring features.

Tons of Other Incredibly-Helpful Features.

From Excel Exports to a Tag Management System, a Keywords Generator, a Product and Keyword Scoring Algorithm, a Market Analysis Engine, or advanced Filtering Capabilities, DataHawk is the ultimate beautiful and user-friendly Amazon Analytics Tool you've been wishing for.

Keyword Ranking Tracker

Track daily changes in Keywords Ranks for products you're monitoring and view them in a grid and chart.

Product Metrics Tracker

Track daily changes in Best Sellers Rank, Reviews Count, Rating, and Monthly Sales Estimates.

Sales Estimates Tracker

Track daily changes in Estimated Monthly Sales for your competitors using our proprietary prediction algorithm.

Market Analysis Engine

Analyze how a Keyword's search results are structured in terms of the distribution of pricing, reviews, and rating.

Keywords Search Volume

Get updated Keywords monthly search volume figures for the Keywords you're tracking.

Keywords Research

Unveil new Keywords suggestions based on Amazon customers search queries and on top-ranking products.

Product Research

Use filters to show up to 10 thousand product ideas out of over 1 million products from our database.

Scoring Algorithm

Leverage our proprietary scoring algorithm and discover products Competitiveness Score and Keywords Competition Score.

Excel Export & API

Export tracked data to Excel or pull it using our API so you can build your own custom reports.

Projects and Tags System

Organize your tracked data in Projects and assign Tags or labels to the Keywords and Products you're tracking.

Advanced Instant Filters

Filter through a Keyword's search results and the Keywords & Products you're tracking using many criteria.

Parent/Child Grouping

Easily track all product variants and group them under their parent, then display keywords ranks on a parent level.

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