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DANis the CEO and founder of, voted the #1 miles and points blog by USA Today’s readers. He has personally earned over 25 million miles and points and is a recognized expert in the travel industry. He has been consulted by frequent flier programs for his advice on their programs. Dan has been featured on, The Guardian, Money Magazine, Racked, Engadget, Consumerist, Fortune, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

Dan is known to always find a deal, starting since he was a kid with flipping baseball cards, reselling beanie babies as a pioneer on eBay, and what finally sparked the creation of DansDeals, scoring free toilet paper for students in Brazil. Dan opened the site in 2004 and it has since become a popular daily destination for millions of followers looking to score deals on anything and everything, including a hot spot for news and advice on all things points, miles, and travel.

Dan and JJ work around the clock to bring you the best deals on the web, including bargains on household items, electronics, flight deals, and more. The site is constantly buzzing with activity, bringing in 100,000+ daily views. Dan shares his knowledge of credit cards and points, airlines and miles, hotels, travel tips, and his take on all of the above.

DansDeals readers have earned over 5 billion miles and points as well as saved $500 million on goods and travel deals.

DansDeals readers have earned over 5 billion+ miles and points as well as saved $500 million+ on goods and travel deals. Join the 13 million+ readers who have taken advantage of Dan’s Deals. Follow DansDeals on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook. Make the most of your experiences and live your life to the max.

New Features

Mobile Optimized

Over 50% of DansDeals readers are accessing the website on a mobile device, we therefore created a user friendly mobile site so you can easily find the deals you love while on your phone.

Legacy View has not changed its design in 10 years, over this time many users have gotten used to the “full post” layout, and prefer to continue experiencing the website that way – so we have created a special option called “Legacy View” to allow users to continue browsing for deals just like they used to.

Hide Expired Deals

A brand new feature developed exclusively for DansDeals based on our readers’ input – you can now choose to hide expired deals, to help you take advantage of all the deals that are currently live!

Scroll To Next Post

For those who prefer to use the legacy view, we have created an innovative & ergonomic way to improve your experience by allowing you to click “scroll to next post” and save your finger from repetitive scrolling fatigue.

Quick View

On our new site layout you can easily see the full details on a post from the homepage. Simply click on the “quick view” button and the full post details will show in the center of the page. Once you are done reading the post, you can click anywhere else on the homepage to continue scrolling to the next post.

Improved comments

You can now reply directly to a comment (Nested Comments) and receive email notifications when someone replies to your comment. Reporting & Flagging comments is now much easier as well. You can vote comments up or down depending on its relevancy.

Deal Status

Deals can vary from airline error fares, flash sales, limited time offers, & more. Now it will be much easier to visually identify deals that interest you most when browsing the site. Just look for the icon in a deal to know what type it is. And be sure to look out for Dan’s Picks to see the latest “editor’s choice” deals.

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