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We make your products stand out on Amazon.

Content + AMS = Success

Content26 creates Amazon content that improves product discoverability and provides online shoppers with branded shopping experiences. By combining content with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), we maximize your return on ad spend.

  • Amazon Content

    For more than a decade, content26 has created product content for some of the world’s most iconic consumer brands.

    Amazon A+ Content
    Amazon Essential Content

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  • Amazon Marketing Services

    We help clients manage their Amazon advertising spend and provide actionable campaign insights.

    Detailed reporting & consulting
    Data-driven keyword analysis

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  • Retailer Content

    Need product content for Walmart or other retailers? Our content is used globally on more than 200 retail sites.

    Enhanced Content
    Essential Content

Reach online shoppers with our Amazon solutions.

Increase traffic to your product pages by combining pay-per-click advertising with effective Amazon content. In addition to helping with discoverability, our solutions create a branded shopping experience on Amazon, Walmart, and other important ecommerce channels.

Amazon Marketing Services

Over 50% of product searches start on Amazon. That’s more than the product searches on all other search engines combined. Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) drives demand with keyword-targeted ad campaigns designed to increase traffic to your Amazon product pages. Doing Amazon right produces results. By strategically managing Amazon content and advertising strategies, one content26 client saw a return on ad spend increase of more than 700%.

Amazon Content

Need help creating Amazon product content? That’s our specialty. We can improve your essential content, which boosts discoverability, and we can create effective Amazon A+ content, which showcases your product’s most important features, tells your brand’s story, and increases your sales.

Retailer Content

Need product content for Walmart and other retailers? We’ve got you covered. Our essential and enhanced content is used globally on more than 200 ecommerce sites, including Walmart, Target, and Costco. Content26 has worked with major online retailers and content syndicators for more than a decade. We know each online marketplace’s style and delivery requirements, and we know the best ways to create search-optimized content that showcases your brand and increases your sales.

Make your products stand out on Amazon.

Our Amazon product content beautifully showcases your brand. In addition, our content provides shoppers with all of the information they need to confidently make a purchase decision.

Mastering the Essentials

Your Amazon essential content (product titles, bullets, basic product descriptions) plays two important roles. First, essential content feeds the Amazon search engine important information about whether your product is relevant to shoppers. Second, essential content provides online shoppers with a concise overview of your product. Search-optimized essential content should form the foundation of every brand’s Amazon strategy.

What We Do

For over 10 years, we have created content that improves product discoverability and strengthens brand messaging on Amazon and other major retailers. Our expert content provides key information about products giving online shoppers exactly what they need to make confident purchasing decisions.

We also integrate keywords into content, ensuring that your messaging keeps up with changes in how shoppers search on Amazon.

What Is Amazon A+ Content?

Need Amazon A+ content? It’s our specialty––in fact, we helped design the first A+ pages, and we remain the leader when it comes to enhanced product descriptions.

Amazon A+ content includes multiple product images, keyword-optimized text, product comparison charts, and other features that promote your brand.

Once shoppers get to your product page, our Amazon A+ content helps them make a purchasing decision by showcasing your product’s most important features and benefits.

Drive demand for your products on Amazon.

We help clients maximize the return on their Amazon Marketing Services advertising spend with managed campaigns that boost product discoverability.

What Is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)?

Amazon Marketing Services offers advertising for keyword- or product category-targeted ad campaigns. Available to nearly all vendor brands, Amazon Marketing Services helps drive demand for your products.

Brands can register for Amazon Marketing Services for free; you pay only when shoppers click on ads.

What We Do

We strategically manage our clients’ Amazon advertising spend. We are pros at creating, optimizing, and reporting on Amazon Marketing Services. Our expertise includes sponsored products, headline search, and product display ad campaigns.

Our clients have increased their AMS revenue by more than 700% when they’ve combined our AMS management with our content services.

Content26 maximizes the return on your Amazon Marketing Services investment, providing your team with actionable insights into your campaign performance and results.

Additionally, our keyword-optimized product page content help ensure your products get discovered long after your campaigns end.

Managed Campaigns Improve Results

Our Amazon Marketing Services team views each campaign as a strategic opportunity for your brand. Across all of our Amazon advertising campaigns, we’ve seen a 19% decrease in average cost per click and a 55% decrease in advertising cost of sales. In addition, we’ve seen a more than 2x increase in return on ad spend.

In one test case, we compared two products with nearly identical prices and daily ad budgets. We found that the managed campaigns returned roughly 3x the revenue of the automated campaigns during the same time period. Not only did the managed campaigns return more revenue, but they also netted more impressions. The managed campaign ads were served to Amazon shoppers more than 10,000 times each day, compared to approximately 550 times each day for the automated campaign ads.

If you’re looking to increase your Amazon sales, we can help.

The Definitive Guide to Amazon Marketing Services

By using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), companies can increase the discoverability of their products with targeted ads that appear where interested customers are most likely to see them.

You’ll learn:

  • The basics of keyword targeting on Amazon
  • Amazon Marketing Services ad types, including Headline Search Ads, Sponsored Product Ads, and Product Display Ads
  • How Amazon Marketing Services can help increase traffic and sales
  • How Amazon Marketing Services ads connect to product page content
  • The differences between Amazon SEO and Google SEO

Promote your brand with retailer content.

Need product content for retailers other than Amazon? We’ve got you covered. Our retailer content is used globally on Walmart and more than 200 additonal retail sites.

Strategic Content for Walmart

For many consumer brands, Walmart is the most important ecommerce sales channel after Amazon. And here’s why: Walmart’s network of stores and distribution centers makes it possible to provide customers with a cohesive shopping experience that spans offline and online.

Why bother with Walmart product content? According to Walmart, quality content contributes to sales growth and brand loyalty.

We create Walmart essential content (product titles, bullet points, and basic product descriptions) and enhanced content. In addition to offering a branded online shopping experience, Walmart content gives shoppers access to product information via their smart phones while they are shopping in the store.

What We Do

We help clients create multichannel content strategies that support their ecommerce goals. We create foundational product content that we can efficiently adapt for multiple channels while keeping brand messaging and product information consistent.

We work with clients to prioritize online retailers. Once top channels have been identified, we help clients streamline the process of content creation. Our search-optimized content is findable, reusable, easy to modify, and adaptive for all kinds of devices.

Multichannel Strategies for Product Pages

Product page content, enhanced content, enhanced product pages, or A+ content whatever you call it, it’s what your customers and your online retailers need. And it’s what we’ve been creating for more than a decade.

Every retailer in your marketing plan has different requirements for product content. At content26, we’ve worked with all major online retailers – including Walmart, Target, Costco, and Best Buy – and content syndicators for years. We know each online marketplace’s style and delivery requirements, and we know the best ways to showcase your products and increase your sales.

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