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Clipping Path Service Provider

Clipping USA is a Professional Clipping Path Service Provider located in Maryland, USA. It is operated by the highly experienced professionals. It provides Image Editing services with the best quality all over the world. It becomes a world class Online Image Editing Service Provider for its extraordinary working skills and practical experiences. Our Customers have a good experience with “Clipping USA” and acknowledge it as the best Clipping Path Company. Most of our existing customers from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan to name a few.

Key Features:

Low Cost Image Editing Service with Excellent Quality, Quick Turnaround time, Highly Experienced Graphic Designers, 24 Hours Shifting Duty Plan Round the Year, Frequent Quality Checking System, 100% Money Back Guarantee, High Speed Internet, Easy and flexible system for upload and download files, Safe FTP System, Reserved Team in order to Rush/Urgent Delivery. The best offer especially for Clipping Path Service in the USA.

Our Vision:

We had the vision to show our ability and skill to the global market as a competitor of other renowned Photo Editing Service Provider companies. We love to introduce Clipping USA to the international community of Graphic Design and Online Photoshop service buyer.

Our Team:

Clipping USA has a team of 135 professional Image Editing artists. They are ready to fulfill your requirements by providing the best quality for any of your expected online outsource services. All of the team members are graduated from reputed graphic institutions. They have vast knowledge of Photoshop and any kinds of Photo Editing Service. They are also devoted and dedicated to the welfare of this organization. There is a team leader in every team who lead their group well. We get them all technical facilities and freedom for a fair work environment. We usually serve all kinds of Photoshop Image Editing Service at the extremely lower cost. For you – the offering service names are given below. Since these are called as different names by Global Customers. So we also named them in details here.

Our Image/photo editing services: Clipping path service– (outline path, color path, image silo, clipping mask, multipath/multiple clipping paths, Photo cut out, cut out the image, Background removal or deep etching service. Photoshop masking service– (Image masking/Photo masking, hair masking, alpha channel masking). Photo retouching service– (wedding photo editing, model retouch, product retouch, jewelry retouch, image enhancement, photo restoration). Shadow creation service– (drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow). Image Manipulation Service– neck joint/ ghost manipulation. Color correction service– Color changing, Color adjustment. Logo Design Service– creative logo design for e-commerce or multi-national company and raster to vector conversion services.

The best Clipping Path Service offer:

Clipping USA offers a cost-effective Clipping Path Service for our Global customers. Our basic price is US$0.25 per image only for clipping. We believe that our reasonable price and quality will make a path to a reliable business relationship.

Our production facility is for 24/7. Clipping USA keeps its service operation on any vacation days. So you can have our services during Christmas vacation. As an offshore outsourcing company, we ensure you for guaranteed Image Editing Service solution. To add here we can handle 3500-5000 images daily for clipping path or background remove service.

Our Photo Editing Services

Vector Conversion

Raster to Vector Conversion: Clipping USA provides flawless and accurate Raster to Vector Conversion. Raster images are the series of pixels or digital dots arranged in certain and to gather it appears to be a whole picture. An image can be saved in many different file format but it’s most important characteristic is its resolution. Or in other words, the density and existences of the number of dots in an inch of space more commonly named as dot or pixels per inch. By maximizing the number of pixels per inch we get much more detail and distinct picture which can be addressed as higher resolution and thus higher the resolution better the quality of a picture. Resolution is highly important when it needs to magnify or to enlarge the image. And if the image is smaller by default and has low resolution then the enlargement will only lead to deterioration which can’t be fit for the professional presentation.

Nonetheless, as it is a common problem in the digital world, there is a solution too. It is commonly known as Raster to Vector Conversion. Which allows the image to be transformed into a context that is flexible based on the need of size (larger or smaller) and without losing its resolution or quality. What makes the difference is, raster images are the series of dots or pixels gathered in one point but the vector file format is more like a series of instructions. This is because vector based file formats are more like mathematical instruction and not stored as an image, giving the advantages to easily restructure at whatever size is necessary without any deterioration in quality. Even the file size is smaller which make it perfect for use on the website.

At “Clipping Path Services” we have our highly skilled digital artists who are well trained and specialized to use Adobe’s potent Illustrator program to convert the image from raster to vector. Through some expert hands and state of the art technology, we can come to a confirm conclusion that the converted vector image does contain the same natural detail as in the original raster one. Some automated programs that are probably capable to do this conversion can never maintain the quality that is demanded the professional or commercial digital display. Our digital artists can provide the level of smooth detail that will surpass the most over delicate inspection and leave our clients highly satisfied with their expected end results which can even overdo the original.

When comes to store or to save a file, the vector file format is much flexible, it can be saved as DXF and SVG to CDR and AI etc. We can provide in any format that is required for our client and serves their purpose best. We’re quite confident on our competitive service rate for conversion of raster to vector in overseas market and our large group of digital artists is always standby to give their prompt and expert service in any time zone 24/7.

Photo Editing Service

Photo Editing Service: To make any kinds of change on a photo is called photo editing. It depends actually on one’s needs. Basically, a photo may need to be cropped, re-sized, re-colored, brightened, removed unexpected image part or background, set up a new background, retouched. It is a very essential part of the time when it comes to the issue of an advertisement or even personal uses. A person, the company always needs the image editing/photo editing service for different purposes.

There are some very common photo editing works and also have lots of company or individual people serve this service globally. It’s a Photoshop work and for different types of work, customers also search expert hands depending on their skill on a particular service. The service variety and the difference in expertise often make a complexity. But everyone should be precise to one’s talents.

Photo editing works are categorized to name a few. Here I fell to give a short idea about all the major image editing service categories.

Clipping path: Clipping path is also called a vector path that is much closer to the image shape or edge; purpose to cut out an image by Photoshop or any other photo editing software. After making a path on the desired image area it is selected for applying the next step of one’s requirement.

Masking: Image masking service is one of the vital image editing systems. Especially to remove the background of a photo which has hair portions or blurred edges; masking is applied to save time as well as for work accuracy.

Shadow Creation: Shadow making is a method which creates an additional object over the rest of an image by laying a direct shade behind the image object. This is applied to add a shadow effect into a picture. Shadow creating service can make the fantastic image, highlight emotions, modify the impressions and be applied in numerous ways.

Image manipulation: Image Manipulation service is a process of Photoshop to edit a photograph to create fantasy into an image. Image manipulation service can be done from start to the end in both digital and analog system. It helps to improve and enhance the quality of an ordinary photo. Use of creative encroachment has done image manipulation as a stirring task rather than the automatic system. It is such a system which makes an ordinary photograph into an exclusive one.

Retouching: It plays a vital role to make a raw photograph into a new style and attractive looks. By this service, you can easily attract the audiences to your product photos. Photo retouching enhances the color, resolution and adds glamour to the images or photos.  It helps to show one existing image into an ideal way and creates different meanings.  Old, torn, fade and discolored photos get a new dimension and dazzling as well as original look alike.

Color adjustment or Color correction: After making a photo-shoot the photographed images often need to be edited specially for color adjustment. Sometimes there is taken an action for brightness adjustment, changing color for the particular part or entire part.

Cropping and resizing: Cropping is the act of removing the unwanted part from an image. It is made to modify its aspects ratio or even to recover the whole structure. An image is cropped to reduce or enlarge the main subject considering the image view or desired a place where it is used in.

Clipping path

Photoshop Clipping Path is a technique that is mostly used for removing the background of the original image. It is used for Media photographers, web design organization, fashion agencies, magazine design companies, pre-press publishing organization, advertising agents, and are prevailing Clipping Path services for their actual work purpose.

There are different Kinds of Photoshop Clipping Path Service.

1. Simple/Basic Clipping Path
2. Compound Clipping Path
3. Complex Clipping Path
4. Super Complex Clipping Path

Simple / Basic Clipping Path Service:

Basic clipping path is a fundamental method of change or removing the background from an image. Striking and stunning quality may be assured with the simple clipping path very proficiently. Clipping USA is offering the most advanced and manual basic Photoshop clipping path services. Mainly it can be predicted as a plan conjecture as a simple approach. It is randomly recovered on shapes & sizes that are diverse in platforms of mingled items in products.

Compound Clipping Path Service:

Compound clipping path service is combined of extra linked with the multiple wide-ranging and limited paths. It could be required by low covered transparencies as loops, eventually adequate to five to ten edge paths while pointing many curves on it. The method of compound clipping path is not as easy as the simple clipping path service. Mainly talented as well as highly experienced graphics professional are more eligible for doing this service exactly.

Complex Clipping Path:

Complex clipping path is also a combined of many apparent closed paths as basic curves contributing alone in path band orbit while there are no covered transparencies obtain throughout not abundant or added holes. It is a transmitted critical clipping path pattern regardless with the regular clipping path methods. Clipping USA is providing the most steadfast complex clipping path services all over the globe recognizing the high-quality level at the affordable cost.

Super Complex Clipping Path:

The standard outlook of super complex clipping path service is for using it on various ends or objects with manual clipping path quality. The primary implication of super complex clipping path service is lots of satiable ground transparencies or semi-transparencies with surfaces or in abounding curves. It is also treated as an extreme and most significant clipping path. It is primarily adjusted or obscure on the fine demonstration jewelry, bloom bouquet, fashion models or in various usual points.

The clipping path is also known as the follows and works as described below:


A silhouette path is applied for an image area for making image mask or taking action for any other purpose to. One can change or extract original image background by selecting the silo path even can make a change image color or any other adjustment on. Here only that portion within the silo/clipping path appears when it placed into another submission or combined with another image. To make the background transparent silo path is essential.

Background Remove:

It is a method of making the change in the background color of an image. When one wishes to change the background color of the image as per one’s desire to enhance or isolate the main object in the image. This allows it to be placed on a new desired background or color.

Who offer Clipping Path Service:

Clipping path service is a basic offer by online Image editing companies. To remove or extract the unexpected image objects clipping path is needed. It’s a primary step of Photoshop image editing that is used than any of Image manipulation work.  Clipping path services are mostly for photography, advertising agency, prepress company, online image shop, e-commerce shop, graphic design studio, web designer, as well as different type of printing companies. A low-cost clipping path service is available in many developing countries.

Why Clipping Path Needs:

It is a post-processing work after makes a shooting.  Every professional photographer feels to re-edit his photography image because of some common quality problems. So everyone re-edits the images for an expected look.

In this view one can easily make a difference for pictures by Photoshop photo editing work: The most common quality issues are fixed as named:  Background removal, Noise correction, Brightness- contrast, White Balance, Exposure, Color adjustment, cropping and Resizing.

There are lots of options in Photoshop to remove background or create the transparent background of an image as the magic wand, extract filter quick mask and so on. All of these options are not able to provide the exact outlook which is widely accepted. In the term of background change Clipping Path is the best method, it can give an exact shape. Clipping Path is also very easy and quick system for the experts. Clipping USA has many expert graphic designers who are committed to providing their best effort for you. We are available 24/7 around the year for providing the best services.

To get our Photoshop Clipping path Service you can contact us any time. You can also send us a free trial for justifying our skill.


Photoshop Masking Service is the process to remove or replace the background of the complex images having numerous turns and curves with blurred or fuzzy edges. This technique is applied where only clipping path cannot give the accurate result or will take more time like in hair, fur, skin, jewelry or foliage on trees. Clipping path is the hand-drawn vector path with the use of the pen tool where image masking involves pixel isolation to grab maximum accurate details of work as expected. To remove any unnecessary but complicated part from the image of a variety of background, this tool is being much popular.

Image editing services has creative and devoted professionals for different Photoshop Image Masking Services like layer masking, alpha channel masking, hair and skin masking, transparent or translucent masking, collage masking etc.

Photoshop Masking can be much easier for the professionals as they only need to color over a selected area. Layer masking can be done to any object to get extra sharp, clean and well-defined edges. The main advantage of layer mask is it can be changed anytime in future or brought back to its original look if needed. For hair and fur masking, we take extra care for sophisticated thinner, soft and fuzzy edges adjusting the color, contrast, and brightness perfectly. First of all, we draw clipping path in the solid and sharp edges, and then we apply advanced masking techniques in the blurred and fuzzy areas.

Alpha Channel Masking is useful to make the blurred edges sharp and smooth after isolating the background. The selection of alpha channel involves the use of a color combination of Red Green Blue (RGB) and Cyan Magenta Yellow Key (CMYK) colors for masking and makes further editing works easier. One advantage of alpha channel against layer masking is, the alpha channel masking makes the file size smaller which is convenient in uploading, downloading and further image manipulation works.

For transparent or translucent masking, it is important to retain the transparency of the object so that the new background is visible through your transparent object. The translucent and semi-transparent images of smoke, glass, car glass, sunglass, hair, feathers, flames, fireworks, lighting, plastic packets, transparent fabrics are very common service requirements today. Again, in Photoshop collage masking, we combine different objects to create a new, natural image.

Photo editing services prefer the advanced image editing software like Photoshop CS6, CC for high-quality layer masking. Pen tool and Magic wand tool in Photoshop is used to develop a combined effect of clipping path and image masking service. We ensure fantastic pixel perfect selection and level of detail to remove sophisticated backgrounds by our creative and skilled professionals.

Clipping USA is proud to serve hundreds of clients overseas with passion and honesty. Like other sectors, we have expert professionals in masking sector and every skilled designer’s work is further scrutinized before final delivery to check even the slightest error. You can judge our quality by giving us free trial 24/7 hours. We believe our reasonable price and quality will make a path to a reliable relationship.

If you ever need Photoshop Masking Service, please send a direct message with your requirements in details to You will be replied within a few minutes.


In the photo editing, sector retouching is the most important service. It plays a vital role to make a raw photograph into a new style and attractive looks. By this service, you can easily attract the audiences to your product photos. Photo retouching enhances the color, resolution and adds glamour to the images or photos. It helps to show one existing image into an ideal way and creates different meanings. Old, torn, fade and discolored photos get a new look and dazzling as well as original look alike.

Various Types of Photo Retouching:
• Airbrushing
• To Re-size
• The purpose for Background cloning & cleaning
• To make the Color correction
• Spot, blemish, pimple and zit cleaning
• Muffin tops
• Restoration and adjusting of color

Who Needs Photo Retouching Service?

Photo Retouching Service is much admired among the Business Houses and Personal level for their family moreover personal photos. Almost all the professional photographers, website owners, e-commerce site owners and the companies who deal with photos need retouching services.
Professional Photo Retouching is required mostly in the following business sectors:

  • Jewelry business
  • Hair design business
  • Clothes business
  • Metals business
  • Electronics business
  • Car business
  • Machines business
  • Fur business

We have been working in this field for a few years having the grand reputation with lots of customer around the globe. We have modern and up to date tools and software and well set up at our office. We are able to process up to thousands of photos in a single day.


If you are interested in a quotation for your photos you may contact us. Our team is always ready to provide quotations within an hour. Just demand a free quote right now and get the price. We hope you will get the best quote from Clipping USA


Shadow service is a system of graphic design which creates an object over the rest of an image by laying a direct shade behind the object. This is used to add a shadow effect to a picture. Shadow creating service can make fantastic images, highlight emotions, modify the impressions and be applied in numerous ways. It is as well used to text along with makes visible images of the document. Sometimes drop shadow requires dropping on only the component of the layer. Perhaps the shade may drop on the content or just below of the level. Some clients may need to form an illusion of deepness to their images to make the focus of object showing at the viewers. This is a complex service, on behalf of this kind of services or for any sort of shadow creating services you may appoint a professional.

Why use Shadow Creating Service?

Mainly there are three kinds of shadow service. Drop shadow, natural shadow and reflection shadow. These all are important and widely used in photo editing service. Usually, Photoshop shadow creating services are used for:

  • Creates a shadow behind different forms of a photo
  • Extend or cut a shadow
  • Modify the shadow of an image.
  • Create a shadow behind Text
  • Include white border to a photo
  • Darken the masked portion of a photo
  • Make irregular shadow

Who Uses Shadow Creating Service?

  • E-commerce companies.
  • Publishing Companies
  • Modeling Companies
  • Jewelry business companies
  • Advertising Companies
  • Health care companies

If you are looking for a shadow creating service provider for your photos then we think that you are in right place. Clipping USA team is ready to serve for you with reasonable price. We accept up to two free trials form our new clients to show our skill and ability. Therefore, you may send us a free trial or order any time, especially for shadow service. For more information contact us at Clipping USA.

The Working Process of image Editing Service

Image Manipulation Service

Image manipulation is an art of changing an original image into a new form as you want. It is used for adding deception as well as an illusion on the image. Adobe Photoshop is one of popular software for image manipulation service. It is formed by edit colors, add more impact, use several qualities or to remove the awful compiling elements to develop the importance of an image.

There are many images which present unbelievable illusion carried out in a realistic mode and moderate effects by image manipulation. These efficient images are generally designed to have some remarkable assessment with the viewers. This service is not only applied for the digital painting to emphasize different attractive facts and to blend original images with dynamic colors but also any kind of scratched photos can be repaired with colors. Through photo manipulation service, the black and white photo can be transformed into eye-catching color photos.

Photo Retouching Service

Photo retouching service is generally used to fix the faded, rough, badly cracked or damaged photos. This service is applied to make a photo more realistic as well. There are numerous methods, tips & tricks for enriching things from the inner side of a photo as blemish, skin tone and increasing the photo’s qualities. Clipping USA provides best photo retouching services. We retouch the fade or spoiled important data, letters as well as drawings. Our professional Image Editing artists perform their duty with full dedication.

Image Masking Service:

Image masking is an important substitute of Clipping Path Service for removing or replacing the background of a complex image containing numerous turns and curves with soft, blurred or fuzzy edges. The technique of Image Masking Service is very suitable when Clipping Path alone cannot give accurate details of soft, complicated areas like in hair, fur, glasses, plastic bottles, smoke, lightings, and transparent objects. Usually, clipping path is done in hard and defined edges using Photoshop pen tool whereas masking is the complete solution of Background Removal for soft and fuzzy looking edges in order to get smoother, sharper and more pronounced edges that ensure high quality and wonderful level of details as required.

Image Editing Service:

Image editing is used as a wide term that includes all sorts of editing works like enhancementcorrection, and manipulation of the images as required giving your photo a profound, attractive and professional look. After capturing the pictures, photo editing for a great visual presentation becomes a part and parcel for photography, e-commerce, web design, advertisements, magazine and printing industries to increase the impression of their business.  Clipping USA has a bunch of skilled professionals in each individual image editing service sector to satisfy you with the desired beauty and perfection by processing images for color, background, density, shape, and size. We firmly believe our years of experience in image editing services will help you to engage with your targeted clients.

An eye-catching image editing service needs technical qualification and a lot more experiences. Our in-house image editing trainers qualify only those designers from respective departments who are competent enough to ensure quality service using the latest technological tools, systems, and devices. We have our expert quality control team to maintain quality service and check even the slightest error before delivery. Clipping USA has shown its Excellency in photo editing services and earned global compliments in the sections like Clipping PathMaskingRetouching, Color Correction, Shadow Creation, Neck Joint, and Vector Conversion.

Clipping Path Service:

Clipping Path is a basic image editing technique of background removal and an important preliminary process of many other photo editing services. The process is also familiar as‘Closed Vector Path’ or ‘Deep Etching’ to many clients in order to separate objects by creating an outline from its original background using the Pen Tool of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Based on the procedure and complexity level, we subdivide the service into Basic or Simple Clipping Path serviceMedium Clipping PathComplex Path, and Multiple or Color Path.

Clipping path is widely used in isolating the background image, ensuring the transparency of the background, editing a specific region to change the shape of an object and for color correction purposes. Many individuals and companies of the world, who do not have enough time to enrich their visual presentation of their product, are taking the service from our safe, reliable and dedicated professionals. With an unbeatable price and perfection, we have the capacity to deliver around 3000 images per day.

All most all of the companies who deal with photographs for promoting their product to the customer, displaying photos both online and offline need clipping path service. The following listed companies are vastly used clipping path service:

  • Professional Photographers
  • E-Retailers sites
  • Design Studios
  • Printing Press
  • Consultancy Agencies
  • Web Designers
  • News Paper Companies
  • Book & Magazine Publishers
  • Business Communication Agencies
  • Corporate Identity Designers
  • Fashion Houses and Modeling Designing House
  • Prepress, Brochure, Catalogue design companies

Clipping USA provides it services in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, French, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Israel to name a few. So you can use its Photoshop clipping path service from any location of the world.

Clipping USA is an overseas graphic design based creative service provider company having all sorts of logistic supports along with skilled operators.  Mostly all of them passed out graduates from various reputed graphic design institutions of our country. The operators have capability and experience to cope-up with any situation in respect of high-quality Photoshop Clipping Path services.

Our Special Features of Clipping Path Service and Photo Editing Services:

  • We have highly qualified experts team
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Total manual and handmade system
  • High-quality software
  • A free trial system for evaluation
  • Money back guarantee
  • Fast and smart customer service (24 hours)
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