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Effortless Stores for Amazon Sellers

Reach out to clients that don’t go to Amazon for shopping.

Why aShop?

More Exposure

Your own branded store on the internet optimized for all devices! Searchable, linkable, shareable!

Turbo-charged ads

Utilize powerful features like dynamic ads and retargeting to improve performance of ad campaigns.

Tight Integration

First class integration with Amazon’s PA API, that gives ability to recoup Amazon fees and boost Best Seller Rankings.

Power of Headless eCommerce on top of Amazon marketplace

Going “headless” means going direct-to-consumer without all the issues of managing your own eCommerce store. Build new user acquisition channels without all the hassle!

No need for payment gateways

aShop integrates with Amazon checkout

Don’t manage own logistics

Fullfil orders with a help off Amazon as you do already

Never had eCommerce store before?

It will take 5 minutes to get one and no time to maintain

In business, we say the customer comes first. The reality today is that stakeholders come first. Most large companies answer to investors: The bank. Their board. The customer has become the user, a number on the wall.

But there is an exception: The independent, self-funded business.

By supporting an independent business, you support a company that answers to its customers. Your request won’t go into an automated workflow. Your feedback will likely turn into a feature.


Create your store now

we have a feeling you’ll ❤️ it

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Do you know Splitly ? Help others by sharing your experience

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