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“We provide specialized service in Extracting Competitor Backend Search Termsand Creating Optimized Listing Content on Amazon platform”

Welcome to AMZfoster Generating revenue in ever-changing digital world is tremendous challenging task for any on-line business seller. Amazon being a giant on-line merchant; there is tremendous competition among Amazon sellers. The seller who has adopted mastery over arts and science of the online business success parameters is able to sustain in the cut-throat competition. We help Amazon sellers to stand-out among the sellers’ crowd with the help of exclusive specialized ‘Amazon Seller Services’.


  • Amazon product not ranking higher as expected; leading to poor sales
  • Unable to compete with top sellers despite best and customer oriented product features
  • Unable to cope up with day-to-day market challenges due to varied customer interests, new products launched, new keyword regulations, etc.


  • Adopt Product Listing Optimization – Product visibility is improved with searchable keywords
  • Stand-Out Among Competition – Obtain competitors’ accurate Backend Search Terms
  • Watch Competitors Actions – Adopt complete backend Search Terms (BST) ‘Source Know-How’ and follow your top competitors’ foot-prints

Our Solutions To Enhance Your Product Ranking And Up-Lift Sales


Obtain your competitors’ backend ‘Search Terms’ to beat the competition. We can extract the ‘Search Terms’ of any ASIN with 100% accuracy. The results are made available within just 12 hrs.

SOURCE KNOW-HOW(Backend Search Terms)

Extract your competitors’ backend ‘Search Terms’ on your own instantly 24*7 with 100% accuracy. We offer complete ‘Source Know-How’ that would enable you to perform the tasks yourself that too for FREE.

LISTING OPTIMIZATION(Amazon Product Listing)

 With buyer oriented powerful creative Title, ‘Bullet Points & Product Description’ your listing is capable to compete with top rankers, easily found by buyers, and convincible to get sold.

Why Choose Us?

Whilst the marketplaces such as are excellent way of augmenting product sales, we do believe that the ecommerce entrepreneurs could increase their revenue margins with the best marketing assistance. Here at, we deliver tailored proven solutions that exactly match the business essentials of Amazon sellers. Our services make great positive impact on the merchandise sales. We have helped thousands of sellers with more than 6000 listings. You too can take benefit of our expertise in product optimization as well as other exclusive services.

Backend Search Terms

What are Search Terms?

‘Search Terms’ are the set of keywords, that have tremendous capacity of leveraging product ranking on Amazon. Through the embedded searchable set of ‘keywords’ product is easily found by the potential buyers on Amazon platform. Hence ‘backend keywords’ are utmost important from sellers’ point of view; but unfortunately most of the sellers are not very well acquainted about the strength of very well managed ‘Search Terms’.

‘Search Terms’ are the fields located in the Keywords section in Backend of Amazon seller account. The result oriented marketing keywords need to be filled-in to take maximum advantage of the facility provided by Amazon.

Know Your Competitors’ Keywords


How about knowing all the ‘Search Terms’ that your top competitors have inserted in the back-end of their listing? Isn’t that wonderful, to obtain all the ‘Search Terms’ of any ASIN with 100% accuracy? Yes, it is absolutely possible!



  • Complete elimination of time consuming and unsuccessful efforts in keyword research for each of your product launched
  • Extraction of ‘Backend Search Terms’ for any ASIN with 100% accuracy
  • Delivery within 12 hrs.
  • Supported Marketplaces: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Spain and Italy


  • Enables leveraging your product ranking on Amazon
  • Enables competing with top sellers
  • Enables sales boost, business turnover and profits (Increased revenue and ROI)
  • Reduces PPC costs

Backend Search Terms

Significance of BST Know-How (Crown Package)
Competitor Backend Search Terms Extraction

Save time and frequent spending for each ASIN. Once you have the ‘source know-how’, you can do FREE extractions of the backend search terms on your own at your own pace instantly 24*7 without any dependency on any service provider

After knowing how the search terms are extracted, you can even provide search terms extraction service to your own clients at your own rates.

Features And Benefits


  • Complete elimination of time consuming and unsuccessful efforts in keyword research for each of the products launched
  • Extraction of ‘Search Terms’ for any ASIN with 100% accuracy on your own
  • Service Availability – 24*7
  • Instant Results
  • Supported Marketplaces: Amazon United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy and France.


  • FREE Backend Search Terms Extraction
  • Enables leveraging your product ranking on Amazon
  • Enables competing with top sellers
  • Enables sales boost, business turnover and profits (Increased revenue and ROI)
  • Enables diversifying your business on your own terms
  • Helps reaching out to massive audience
  • API Access to provide the Search Terms Extraction Service on your own website.

Beat Your Competition

Result Oriented ‘Be Found Strategy’ At Your Fingertips

  • Using Competitor Product’s Search Terms – Every seller tries specific and relevant product specific keywords in the product listing. It is nearly difficult to guess every keyword buyers might think to search for their requirements. There could be ‘N’ number of possibilities to judge about search keywords.

Reduce Competition & Raise Sales

  • Top sellers on Amazon do extensive product research and meticulously plan the searchable keywords by the consumers.
  • Use exact ‘Search Terms’, the competitors are using for their products at any particular moment.

Extract your Competitors’ Backend Search Terms on your own instantly 24*7 that too for FREE. We offer complete ‘Source Know-How’ that would enable you to perform the tasks yourself.

Listing Optimization

Optimized Listing Significance

Compared to Google, Amazon gets around thrice more search volumes for different products. The Amazon algorithm works in a different way to Google and hence, the product optimization on Amazon needs skill and experience.

As an Amazon seller, you need to create an optimized Amazon product listing to get your product found by Amazon users and to convert visitors into customers. Amazon listing optimization could help you get the benefits of increased sales, traffic, profit and higher Amazon product ranking. We are here to help in what you exactly need!

Optimization Solutions

Powerful creative Amazon title is one of the crucial necessities of any product listing. The exclusive title helps to get your product rank higher and ultimately your product gets found by potential customers. We are specialized in creating optimized ‘Product Title’.

Creative ‘Bullet Points and Product Description’ need to be powerful enough to get noticed by the potential customers and also needs to be provoking to create interest among the users to go through the features and benefits out of the product.

We are specialized in creating optimized ‘Bullet Points and Product Description’. You can get your entire Amazon product listing re-written with powerful result oriented ‘Title, Bullet Points, Description.

Optimized Product TITLE

The product title plays an extraordinary role in product listing ranking. It is very essential that the title is populated with all possible combination of searchable keywords. Generally enormous number of visitors across the globe key-in any single or combination of keywords to search the desired product. If the product is very well crafted and populated with rich and relevant words, then the chances of getting the product indexed at top of the product listing exhibits phenomenal results; in short your product is displayed to the visitors in very top pages.

Product title is a highly important factor in Amazon product listing as compared to product description, product photos and consumer ratings. Crafting a strong keyword rich product TITLE is the key to retain a visitor on your amazon product listing.


Why should I extract and use the Search Terms of my competitors?

To find the best Search Terms it could take the seller enormous time and efforts in research and trial & error. The successful sellers attempt to understand the buyers’ psychology for the particular product and keep on altering the ‘Search Terms’ periodically till they achieve the results; means more and more sales. Hence if the successful sellers have already invented the wheel; you don’t need to repeat it again. You just need to follow their foot prints.

I have already placed many keywords in my ‘Search Term’ fields, why do I need to know anybody else’s keywords?

Amazon only ranks your product for keywords that you’ve specifically placed into your product listing as well as in ‘Search Terms’ fields from seller dashboard.
Customers can only buy your product if they can find it and it is beyond anybody’s imagination what search phrases buyers would use to find the product for their requirement. One needs to think out of the box for keywords to be placed in ‘Search Terms’ fields for higher product ranking and sales boost. It is very much possible that the seller is not in a position to think which keywords should be used in the ‘Search Terms’ and which shouldn’t. So why re-invent wheel if somebody has already done it? It is better to just follow your top competitors’ foot-prints.

How ‘Backend Search Terms’ are beneficial to me?

  • Saves Money: No need to spend excessive money on keyword research every single month. Just follow the footsteps of your top competitors.
  • Saves Time: No need to spend time figuring out what keywords work and what doesn’t.
  • Get More Sales: You will notice a change in your organic rankings and sales within days.

Why should I use your service instead of ‘Keyword Inspector’ or ‘Sonar’ tool?

‘Keyword Inspector’ or ‘Sonar’ are ‘Keyword Research’ tools. Their purpose and function is not the same as ours. These tools just provide reverse ASIN services to merely suggest probable search keywords. These tools don’t extract the exact backend ‘Search Terms’ of any ASIN. In that case you have to keep on relying on ‘trial and error’ methodology and guess-work for searchable selection of keywords. As a result, you could lose your good ranking and sales.

What if there are absolutely no Backend Search Terms for the ASIN, will I get a credit for the ‘No Keyword’ case?

If the ASIN does not contain any single search term (keyword), you will get 100% credit for the same. But if there is at least one search term found for the ASIN, no credit would be given. We understand that few sellers choose to leave the Backend Search Terms empty, in that case you will get another one for free.

Why should I use this service now that Amazon has limited the number of characters to 250 for Backend Search Terms?

The recent update of 250 Characters in the Backend Search Terms gives you more reason to purchase our services. It could be very beneficial to know which top 250 search terms your top competitors inserts in their backend.

What’s the difference between Elite(100 & 300) and Crown Packages

  • Under Elite 100 Package we provide the step-by-step process of instantly extracting the Backend Search Terms on your own. You will receive 130 ASINs FREE Extractions with this package. After the consumption of 130 FREE credits each extraction will cost you $0.50/ per ASIN.
  • Under Elite 300 Package you will receive 330 FREE credits and also a documentation about how to get the API Access so that you can provide the service on your website at your own rates.
  • Under Crown Package we provide the step-by-step process of extracting the backend search terms of any ASIN for FREE. Now there is no need to be dependent on any service provider for the search terms. With the Crown Package you can do Unlimited FREE Backend Search Terms on your own

Why should I spend $1499 on Crown Package?

To save time and frequent spending for each ASIN. Once you have the ‘source know-how’, you can do FREE extractions of the Backend Search Terms on your own at your own pace instantly 24*7 that too for FREE.

After knowing how the search terms are extracted, you can even provide search terms extraction service to your own clients at your own rates.

This is your life time investment for not only one service (as extracting Backend Search Terms) but for many more. Our ‘Search Terms extraction service’ costs $99 for 5 ASINs. Upon having the service directly available to you 24*7 you will be able to extract the ‘Search Terms’ instantly on your own that too for FREE. View ourCrown Package for more details.

How ‘Backend Search Terms Source Know-How’ is beneficial to me?

  • Full cost is recovered with Free Backend Search Terms Extractions
  • Source Know-How becomes almost free of charge.
  • Saves your time with 24*7 availability and instant results.
  • You can offer this service (the ‘search terms’ extraction) on your own terms.

Can I have an API access so that Amazon sellers could extract the ‘Search Terms’ from our website on their own?

The ‘Search Terms API Access’ information would also be available to you once you purchase the Elite 300 or Crown Package. The ‘Amazon API Access’ will enable you to provide the Backend Search Terms extraction service on your website at your own rates.

Why do I need to optimize my product listing?

If your product listing is not optimized, customers may never find your product and even if the customer finds the product he may not be convinced to purchase your product though it is fantastic in nature. Right marketing approach is the key to sales. Therefore, you need to optimize your Amazon listing:

  • To compete with top competitors
  • To get your product found for any relative searches by potential buyers
  • To convince potential customers that your product is the exact match to their requirements

What is Amazon Product Optimization?

Optimizing the product listing on Amazon means updating your listing with the most relevant keywords in Title, Bullet Points, Description and the Backend Search Terms so that the customer could find your product and is also convinced to buy your product after reading the fantastic sales copy which stands out against your competitors.

How ‘Product Optimization’ is beneficial to me?

  • Product listing appears on top search pages
  • Increase in visitor traffic
  • Convincing title, bullet points and product description creates a positive impact on visitors and helps them in their buying decision
  • Visitor gets turned into potential buyer
  • Generates more sales and ultimately more revenue

Do you create Enhanced Brand Content listings?

Yes, please leave us a message with your requirements.

Which Amazon marketplaces do you support?

Currently we support USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and France for Competitor Search Terms Service. For Listing Optimization we support all English speaking Marketplaces.

Do you follow Amazon’s Terms of Service?

Absolutely. All our services are complied with the latest Amazon TOS updates.

Is there Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. We offer the money back guarantee as per the services:

  1. Backend Search Terms extraction – 100% Money Back Guarantee for the accuracy. If there are no search terms available for any ASIN; you can avail service for another ASIN with free of charge.
  2. Backend Search Terms Source Know-How – 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not able to extract the search terms on your own. We will provide full assistance till you are comfortable with the system.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes, we respect our client’s privacy and we never share their details with anyone else.

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