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We’re in an amazing time right now …the retail world is going through one of the most dramatic revolutions EVER!  Amazon now makes over $100 Billion per year! To put that into perspective, half the money spent online goes to Google or Amazon!

What Does This Mean For You?

More and more people are doing their shopping online than ever before.  The evolution in retail shopping is rapidly changing our lives and will never be the same again.  As this shift happens, entrepreneurs are cashing in and growing VERY successful businesses. Sourcing products from China, USA, and other places around the world, and then creating their own private labels and selling them through Amazon’s fulfillment services.  The business model is amazing.

This global shift is just beginning, and now is the best time to get in the game.

AMZ Authority is about giving YOU to the tools and resources to take the entrepreneurial leap.  We know that with the latest information, resources, and community of supportive entrepreneurs that you can AND will live the lifestyle of your dreams!

FREE: Amazon Product Listing Analysis

In this FREE Analysis, You’ll Discover:

  • 14 part analysis on your product listing 
  • Strategies you can implement to increase your sales and profit
  • Mistakes you could be making that are costing you sales  
  • Detailed video showing improvements you can instantly apply

The First $1 Trillion Company: 3 Reasons Why Amazon Is Not Saturated

Amazon is on pace to become the world’s first $1 Trillion Company.  Here’s 3 reasons why Amazon is not saturated:

1. Amazon is disrupting marketplaces

Amazon is obsessed with the customer and innovating

The Real Value Of Real Customers Emails

When it comes to business assets, one of your most valuable is not your inventory, your office equipment, or even your company name.  Possibly the most valuable asset you possess is your customer database.  These are your buyers, the source of your income and, at the end of the day, your customers are how you would either rebuild your company, take it to a new level or, even, start a new one.

3 new Amazon tools for brands

Amazon continues to help brands establish more of a presence over resellers. Here’s 3 new Amazon tools for brands to sell more:

“Complete Your Drafts”

A small change to make adding products easier, “Complete Your Drafts” is helpful when adding products.  For example when.

One Thing Amazon Does To Win Customers And How You Can Too

Amazon is getting great at one thing: Anticipating Customers Behaviours.

Walmart has low prices, large selection, but Amazon does too, and one special sauce…being anticipatory.

They are collecting data everyday, determining what people want in advance of us knowing what we want.

6 Ways To Retain Amazon Customers

Creating an superb buying experience is an excellent way to retain Amazon customers.

Loyal customers who love your brand will share their experience to their friends and family, creating one of the best forms of advertising.

5 Strategies to Avoid Amazon FBA Long-Term Storage Fees

If you’ve been selling for at least 6 months then you might have long-term storage fees for inventory sitting in the Amazon warehouse.

Wait, what?

Yep…Amazon will charge you for having inventory sitting in their warehouse that’s not selling.

On February 15 and August 15 of every year, FBA conducts an inventory cleanup. 

9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

Many sellers write product descriptions that ‘describe’ their product.  For example, give the dimensions and general information.  

That’s a weak strategy.

As a seller you need to SELL your product.  This is your chance to create the impulse buy.

The following are the summarized points in how to write to persuade your visitors with product descriptions that sell:

The Mindset & Buying Decision of an Actual Amazon Customer

The following is a summary of the key takeaways from a blog post about the shopping experience of an actual Amazon buyer.  

Meet “J” a health-conscious mother of three (and closet chocoholic) who agreed to document her every move and thought while in search of a bread/loaf pan. Here’s her enlightening journey highlights:


Business Overview

FBA Overview – Good overview on how FBA works

Tour of FBA Fulfillment Warehouse – Behind the scenes of an Amazon fulfillment warehouse

Seller Central – The place to signup for an FBA account

Product Research

FBA Revenue Calculator – Calculator to show the costs for Fulfillment by Amazon

FBA Toolkit – Tools that show estimated sales based on ASIN and other useful tools

Jungle Scout – Amazon product research in a fraction of the time.  Instantly get best seller rankings, sales volumes, and other important information instantly.

Google Keyword Planner – A tool that allows you to research keywords for search volume and get new keyword ideas.

Google Trends – A tool that allows you to see if your product has a seasonal trend and/or an overall market trend.

Merchant Words – Good tool to see the search volumes inside of Amazon.

Simple Keyword Inspector – Allows you to pull up keywords your competitors use and get keyword ideas.

Camel Camel Camel – A tool that allows you to see the history of products including the BSR and price history.

Finding Suppliers

Alibaba – The most common website for sellers to find suppliers and agents of their Amazon product ideas.

Aliexpress – Easier and quicker than Alibaba, this site is great for ordering samples quickly.

ThomasNet – Another option to find suppliers.

Product Design

Upwork – Good place for logos, packaging, and product images.

99designs – A great resource for some of the most talented designers, great for logos, packaging, product images and other graphics needs.

Speedy Barcodes – Affordable barcodes you can order online.

Up Graded Images – Good place to get Amazon photos done with lots of experience.

Fiverr – A cheap place to have your logo, packaging, and images done.

Listing Copywriting

AMZ Authority – We offer Done For You listing keyword research and optimization (including Keywords, Copy, Title, Bullets, etc).


Pixelz – Image Editing Made Simple – Easy way to have your images optimize and looking professional.

Upgraded Images – Product photography studio

Product Photography – Send your products to be professionally shot

POW Product Photography – Another product photography studio

Product Photo – Another product photography studio

Websites and Landing Pages

Shopify – An ecommerce website platform that’s good for setting up your store.  Lots of plugins to choose from. Ask about AMZ Authority website design packages.

Leadpages – This website enables you to build fast and effective landing pages.  Great for your product inserts.  

Godaddy – A well known hosting company where you can buy the domain for your landing page.

Aweber – A great autoresponder software for you landing page and website.  This will collect email addresses, and you can create a sequence of automated messages.

Autoresponder Software

Feedback Genius – This tool will automatically follow up with your customers, give detailed reporting, and at the end of the day build your feedback and reviews.

Salesbacker – This is another alternative to Feedback Genius.  

Wave Review – Another option is Wave Review.  They do review systems for Amazon, and have a good track record.

Analytics Dashboard

Sellics – My favourite all-in-one analytics tool.  Includes features such as: Product Research, Control Inventory, Optimize Amazon Ads, Measure Profit, Improve Rankings, Manage Reviews, and Monitor Competition. 

Social Media

Canva – Simple online tool to create your social media posts and other graphics.

Hoot Suite – Simple to use tool for auto scheduling your social media post updates and seeing statistics


AMZ Tracker – A suite of Amazon selling tools including Amazon Rank Tracker, Keyword Tools, Competitor Spying, and Review Groups.

Seller Metrics – A tool to keep advanced statistics on your Amazon ranking and keyword research

Manage By Stats – Advanced seller tools enabling deeper product statistics, one page reports, and other valuable information that’s hard to get within Seller Central

Inventory Labs – A good tool to track your Amazon sales and get detailed information such as profit margins and other costs.


World First – Foreign Exchange Services – Foreign exchange specialists providing international currency transfers

Payoneer – Another option for international money transfers.

TaxJar – An easy to use software tool that tracks your taxes you should be collecting on your product sales.

Wave – A free accounting tool to keep track of your accounting, cloud based.

Xero – A paid onling accounting tool very common amongst small business owners.

Legal Stuff

Legalzoom – Get legal advice on your products or any legal matter.


Confluence – Create and organize your company’s working procedures (processes), and communicate with your team

Google Sites – Use Google Sites to launch an intranet for your company, to store all your working procedures (processes).   

TextExpander – Automate your most common responses with shortcuts using this tool.


Upwork – Hire people from around the world for lots of your business needs, including virtual assistants, customer service, project managers, etc (Formerly Odesk and Elance)

Virtual Staff Finder – A service where they find the employees for you

Psprint – Send cards to your customers by uploading your customer list and they mail directly to them.


1 on 1 Coaching – Click the link to find out more.

Awesome Books

4-Hour Work Week – A primer on creating the lifestyle that you dream of.  Live in the now, and maximize your productivity.

Outwitting The Devil – Napoleon Hill’s book he wrote just after Think and Grow Rich that wasn’t released for decades.  Go beyond fear and achieve personal freedom.

The One Thing – Focus on the most important tasks.  Don’t try to do everything, do the critical few.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you follow Amazon's guidelines and terms of service (TOS)?

Yes, all our work is in line with Amazon’s guidelines and Terms of Service.  We believe that we are building REAL businesses.  Therefore we want you to be as successful as possible, knowing that it’s as safe as possible.  All our work is ‘white hat’, meaning it’s legitimate, real work that’s inline with Amazon’s guidelines.

What if I already have a good listing?

Testing, it’s one of the most important things. You should be continuously testing your listing for improvements.  If you can get 5% increase in conversions with a better listing than you’ve just paid yourself an instant raise.  Additionally as the market changes, you should adjust your listing based on what your competitors are doing and what the market is asking.

How important is external traffic?

Outside traffic to your listing is becoming more and more important.  It’s being shown that if your product brings external traffic into Amazon, than Amazon will give you a bump in ranking.  Why?  Because every new customer you bring in, the customer will spend a portion on your product and a portion on other products.  Ultimately increasing lifetime value of each new person.  Additionally, when you have outside traffic generating sales, it’s a safeguard should anything happen to you listing. 

Is my information private?

Definitely, most of our customers would like their information private, therefore 100% private confidentiality is standard.  Our customers are our #1 priority. 

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