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From the questionnaire result of My Voicecom Corporation.

Have you ever told you to buy products after checking reviews and ratings when buying items? More than half consumers purchase goods and services based on reviews and evaluations. 

And 90% of purchases by Amazon are purchased by pressing "Add to cart".

The merchandise of the seller displayed here is preferentially sold. The condition that sells by "putting cart" preferentially like this is called 

"getting a cart" among sellers . In our actual results, there are also data on our products that seven of the items sold 10 items in the past 10 days that we acquired the cart.

Amazon does not disclose the criteria for getting carts, but when analyzing past sales data, three factors are considered important.

I think that these three factors are understandable from the standpoint of consumers. The fact that 1 item is the lowest price is what everyone is asking for the products they purchase. 

Products using 2 FBAs will be shipped from Amazon's warehouse as soon as they are purchased, so it will be an element to purchase with confidence. And 3 highly valued store is also an important element for purchasing goods with confidence. 

In other words, in order to raise sales with your Amazon account,

This can be said to be effective. 

So, how can we improve the evaluation of Amazon accounts? 

That is, "Send an evaluation request mail to purchaser". 

Perhaps, you may be sending e-mails for evaluation request to buyers.

The more items you sell on Amazon, the harder is it to send one follow up email to buyers one by one? 

No matter how much you want to raise your Amazon account's appreciation, tremendous effort is required to send e-mails for each purchaser. 

There are many people who are troublesome and do not send follow-up mails. 

In Amaster, if you do the initial setup, we will deliver an automatic follow-up mail every time the item is sold in order to raise the rating of your Amazon account .

Q & A

Is Amsta installed on a computer and used?

You do not have to bother to install it on your computer.Open the Internet browser and use it. So, it is a specification that you can use from devices (terminal equipment) such as personal computers, tablets, smartphones.

Once setting mail delivery contents once you do not do anything and will you send evaluation request mail?

Yes, that's right. Also, if you do not want to deliver mail individually, you can use the delivery stop function.

Can I change the contents of the e-mail to be delivered?

Yes, please change it to your favorite sentences. Especially if you are not concerned about the mail sentence, we will prepare the text of the template so please use it.

How many goods should I use if I sell it for the month?

There will be merits for sellers who sell more than 5 items on the month. If you are selling a few items in a month, sending an email will not take so much trouble. The more products you sell, the better Amsta will show.

Can you also use Amazon Small Selling List account?

Amasta can only use those who have a large-selling listing account.


  • Amasta's operating environment It operates with the following Internet browser. 
    Windows: Chrome, IE, FireFox 
    Mac: Chrome, Safari, FireFox 
  • Bill will be charged monthly starting from entry date. 
  • In case of withdrawal, please withhold from the info top by the purchaser yourself.
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