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Product Market Research for Online Sellers

Analyze market demand, possible margins and shipping costs for current and future inventory.

There’s a better way to research

Algopix is a comprehensive product research platform that provides eBay and Amazon sellers the data needed to make the most informed business decisions possible. By providing actionable product insights automatically, Algopix helps online sellers save time, increase sales and reduce risks.

Data-driven insights for multiple eBay and Amazon marketplaces

Supporting over 10 different marketplaces, Algopix provides actionable insights globally. With key data points like Product Identifiers, Recommended Market Price, Detailed Expenses Breakdown, Competitive Analysis, Demand Level and Estimated Profit, online sellers can make better decisions about what to buy and where to sell it. Using real data and advanced algorithms, Algopix provides a 'Recommended' or 'Not Recommended' indicator for each market to make the process as easy as possible.

Understand the full picture including expenses

Algopix provides a detailed analysis of the expenses related to selling a product including shipping fees (FBA fees for Amazon markets), marketplace fees, PayPal fees and taxes for each market of interest. Using this information, online sellers can better understand the impact to their bottom line.

Gain valuable insights on Amazon competitors

Algopix gives online sellers a better perspective on the competitive landscape by offering key pieces of data like the total number of sellers offering the product, buy box price, FBA availability, category mapping and the product’s rank in Amazon’s catalog.

Understand the ROI of Google AdWords campaigns

Based on the products searched, Algopix Google AdWords Analysis provides a recommended search phrase, average cost-per-click, competition level and estimated cost-per-acquisition for a recommended phrase. With a better perspective of the AdWords landscape for each product, online sellers can make more informed decisions about where to spend marketing dollars.

Analyze multiple products at once

Save time by analyzing up to 200 products at a time. Algopix Multi Item Analysis (beta) gives online sellers the ability to easily upload a price quote or any other product list to receive actionable insights in mass.

How Algopix Works?

  • It all starts with a product of interest. Using a product identifier like ASIN, UPC or EAN, the Algopix engine begins the insights process.
  • With connections to 13 eBay and Amazon marketplaces across the world, Algopix aggregates the most relevant data points.
  • Using proprietary algorithms to analyze the data, the Algopix engine produces valuable insights for each market including a ‘recommended’ or ‘not recommended’ indicator for sellers looking to make decisions quickly.
  • With this information in-hand, online sellers can make better decisions about what to buy and where to sell.
  • And knowing what to buy and where to sell, means higher profits and lower risks.


I only sell my product(s) in one marketplace. Can I benefit from using Algopix?

Yes. Even if you’re selling in only one marketplace, you can still benefit from the insights Algopix offers. With data points like product demand level, estimated expenses and profit, you can get a better understanding of how you’re performing in your current market. Additionally, you can use Algopix to vet new products and markets without the hassle of performing tedious manual research.

I am a manufacturer. Can I benefit from using Algopix?

Yes. Algopix can help manufacturers make critical business decisions by answering important questions like what the demand level is for similar products in different markets, what the recommended selling price of the item is in different markets and what are anticipated expenses.

How is Algopix different from other eBay and Amazon market research tools?

Algopix provides insights into both eBay and Amazon in one easy to use platform. Covering 13 markets internationally, Algopix is the best solution for online sellers that sell in both Amazon and eBay and/or are considering expanding into new markets. Algopix also provides the data that truly matters for online sellers including a detailed expenses breakdown, recommended selling price (not lowest price or average price), competitive analysis and a smart ‘recommendation engine’ to help make quick buying decisions. Algopix is also the only solution that offers a truly in-depth analysis for multiple products at once via the Multiple Product Analysis feature.

How will Algopix impact my bottom line?

There are a number of ways Algopix can impact your bottom line including:

  • Giving you the data needed to avoid making unnecessary purchases which will reduce the cost of overstock and/or slow movers.
  • A better understanding of opportunities in different markets can help you expand your business and drive more revenue.
  • By analyzing price quotes from new or existing suppliers, you can ensure you’re purchasing the right products from the right supplier at the right price.

What markets does Algopix currently support?

Algopix currently supports 13 markets:

  • (eBay United States)
  • (eBay United Kingdom)
  • (eBay Germany)
  • (eBay France)
  • (eBay Spain)
  • (eBay Italy)
  • (Amazon United States)
  • (Amazon Canada)
  • (Amazon United Kingdom)
  • (Amazon Germany)
  • (Amazon France)
  • (Amazon Spain)
  • (Amazon Italy)

Do You offer a free trial period?

Yes! The free trial is 7 days. When the trial is over, you will have the option of keeping your Premium subscription or you will automatically transition to Algopix Basic.

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