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Accurate Append Email Append

Engage Your Prospects With Email Appending

Reliably append email addresses to your customer, donor and prospect lists. Email or upload your file and we will process, match and append email addresses in as little as a few minutes. Get started immediately.

100% Deliverable – Guaranteed

Don't waste money on bad data. If you find any hard bounces from an appended email address within 21 days of processing, simply send us verification of that bounce and we will refund you for that record!

Highest Possible Match Rate of Verified Deliverable Email Addresses

Our email append service is based on a database of more than 900 million email addresses. Any email that Accurate Append appends or verifies is verified as deliverable in real-time using the latest advancements in SMTP verification.

Amazing Support From Our Experts

All Accurate Append products are backed by our experienced team of experts who are passionate about helping our customers get the very most out of our products.

Email Append – Frequently Asked Questions

I have older records that other email append companies have had issues matching, could I expect the same results with Accurate Append?

Our email database cross-references the National Change of Address database, which translates to locating matches for records, both new and old.

My files contain a great deal of data. Do I have to remove any extra information before Accurate Append processes my file?

We understand working with large data sets is complicated enough as it is, so our software safely appends verified email addresses to the end of your record. Keeping all of the other data in the file intact.

Can Accurate Append verify whether my existing email addresses are good?

Yes, we can determine the real-time delivery status for your existing email addresses. We can even append a new verified email address to records whose email was verified as undeliverable.

Does Accurate Append perform reverse email append?

Yes! We will take your existing email address and append the consumer name and postal address. We can also verify your existing email address to ensure it's deliverable.

I have a file of more than 5 million records that need email append, can Accurate Append process files that large?

Yes, we are able to process any size file you provide.

Do you offer quantity discounts for larger files?

Yes! You will automatically receive the lowest price on your file based on the number of records submitted.

How quickly will I receive my results after my file is processed?

You can receive results in a matter of minutes after submitting your file for processing.

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Accurate Append Email Append

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