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We Manufacture & Export Simply

Assisting businesses in all aspects of manufacturing, supplier identifying, quality control, consulting, and logistics.

  • Shipping & Logistics

    Assisting you with exporting products out of China. A unique approach to providing shipping solutions for shipments of all sizes. Shipping simplicity at its finest.

  • Full Service Solutions

    Guided Imports offers a full service solution for e-commerce businesses looking to scale operations. We handle all aspects of operations in Asia, so you can focus on building your business

  • Quality Control Services

    Offering both in-house and on the ground quality inspection services, we offer multiple solutions for importers to have the productions inspected, shipments checked, and quality assured.


  • Consulting Services

    Planning on bringing operations to China? Thinking of outsourcing your manufacturing to Asia? New to sourcing and manufacturing? Our consulting services provide clients of all sizes tailored approaches to maximizing offshore manufacturing.

The Procuu International Group

Innovative Product Sourcing, Manufacturing, Logistic and Consulting

The Procuu International Group has positioned itself to offer strategic services throughout the manufacturing and import export industry in Asia. With goals to offer innovative ways to assist importers in all aspects of manufacturing and export, Procuu’s continuous rapid expansion defies traditional processes and offers services that modernize and automate the thousand year old industry.

Changing The Way You Handle Offshore Manufacturing

Sourcing Services

It is our goal to provide simple solutions for our clients when buying and/or shipping from China. With that in mind, we are happy to offer services for multiple types of importers.

Full Service Solution for E-Commerce & Retail – Guided Imports

Guided Imports is a service tailored towards helping businesses of all sizes optimize their offshore manufacturing. By acting as a third party service provider, Guided Imports assists importers with the entire process of sourcing, manufacturing and logistics using a fixed rate pricing model.

Guided Imports was designed with the e-commerce importer and seller in mind. By acting as a third party project management team and purchasing office, our flat rate pricing structures allow us to have no minimum order requirements, while maintaining to full scalability to grow with our importers as their orders increase, allowing for an easy transition in retail and mass distribution.

Full Service Solution for Retail – Procuu Intenational Sourcing

Our Full Service Solution for Retail is a service offering businesses a safe alternative for purchasing products in China. With a local team on the ground, we have the experience and the skills to find products, perform risk assessments on the factories, negotiate the price, and handle the logistics to get your order safely to your door. We are dedicated to giving a personal touch to each of our clients, offering a hands on experience, and creating a simple solution for all things China related.

Procuu International Sourcing is not for everyone. Due to high demand and availability constraints, we are forced to be selective in the clientele we bring on.

To tell us more about your company and see if Procuu International Sourcing is a good fit for you, please fill out this form.

Shipping & Logistics

Finding the appropriate forwarding company for your exporting and importing necessities can be a daunting task. A quick search can provide unlimited options, but only two probable solutions. The primary route is using unverifiable Chinese businesses that provide—in broken English–a low price; however, a key communication gap frequently goes along with their unreliable business practices. The second route involves a corporate styled forwarder who provides bells and whistles that you either cannot afford or do not need. Even though you can aquire excellent service with these companies, the charges come with multiple added fees which will eventually destroy your profit margins.

Procuu International’s sister company, Guided Imports began offering a freight forwarding option in China to continue providing our clients with an incredibly simple solution to have a supply chain fully managed. It is no surprise that our exceptional cargo management and freight services have garnered countless satisfied customers. Since we started out in this business, we have developed firm relationships with industry professionals in China. Therefore, we are proud to be teamed up with the most cost effective and qualified cargo managers to cater a service that provides the advantages of both the local cost-effective forwarders and the large corporate guys. Our freight forwarding service offers a solution to your once daunting search.

Consulting Services

For businesses looking for a hands on approach in maximizing offshore manufacturing capabilities, our consulting can provide a truly customized experience. Procuu International’s experienced international trade consulting will coach you through the complexities of importing and exporting.

New Amazon Sellers Consulting

Starting to import from China to sell on Amazon, but feel overwhelmed that there is too much unverified information out? Too many courses, business models, services, and software giving you analysis paralysis to get started? Procuu International offers one on one consulting for those trying to navigate through the unknown, organize their newly learned material and actually come up with viable products that can be sourced, manufactured and sold.

Tailoring each consult to the individual, the cookie cutter model of sourcing from China is removed and actual live assistance guides you through the process of coming up with viable products, finding qualified suppliers, negotiating prices and terms, developing a quality control plan and getting your products manufactured and shipped directly to Amazon. Our teachings and guidance will leave you with the feeling of assurance, knowing that while you will be sourcing from factories all on your own, you will have the support of a sourcing professional with up to date experience in the industry.

With courses and software costing well into the thousands of dollars, our goal is to quickly and efficiently provide you with enough personalized information to get you spending your money with factories, allowing you to truly grow your business as fast and efficiently as possible, not wasting it on programs and guides that will simply motivate you but won’t effectively guide you.

  • Growth Consulting

    For the existing Amazon seller, we can analyze your importing and sourcing structure, and guide you to a more tactful and streamlined process. We will guide you through the necessary tactics to handle compliance issues, reevaluate your logistics, and develop a streamlined approach to finding more viable products, and getting them sourced and shipped as cost-effectively as possible.

  • Tailored Consulting

    Whether you’re new to importing and realizing the import export industry can be very unwelcoming to newcomers, or you’re a business with complex issues such as ensuring your factories stay CPSC compliant after initial testing, read on. Procuu International looks forward to hearing your unique situation and questions, regardless of your importing size, vision, or complexity.

    Our tailored consulting services can also assist businesses with expansion into Asia, both virtually and physically. Setting up purchasing offices and sourcing solutions to increase production size and production capabilities.

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