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SellerSpirit - Growth your business on Amazon

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Make More Money on Amazon With the Leading Toolkit for Retailers and Brand Owners.

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  • Use Valuable Data To Make The Right Decisions
  • Supports All International Marketplaces
  • Outclass Competitors And Conquer Amazon
  • Complete Suite of Tools

Keyword Spirit

Keyword Research

Real Amazon Keyword search volume. Clicks, Sales and historical trends for each keyword.

Reverse ASIN

Get the exact keywords that your competitor is ranking for and driving sales to their listing.

ASIN Report

See the exact Keyword clicks, add to carts, and daily sales for any ASIN. Directly from Amazon ARA Data.

Search Term

Get the Keywords that your competitor has in the backend search term fields. 100% accuracy Guarantee!

Product Spirit

Product Research

Amazon confidential data, you can get the real sales of best sellers  and historical trends of top 50000 for every category

Top Sales Weekly

Amazon confidential data, you can get the real sales of best sellers and historical trends (not estimated), updated weekly.

Moves & Shakers

Amazon confidential data, you can get the real sales revenue and units, and historical trends (not estimated) for top increased products

Track Spirit

Keyword Tracker

Show daily rankings for your products for any keywords you choose when you perform SEO, or spy your competitor

Sales Tracker

Track on actual sales volume for any product on Amazon, see your competitors is getting it right and should be emulated!

Product Tracker

Track your or your compeitor’s  BSR(support all BSR), reviews, ratings, price, Q&A, show you historical graph

Review Alerts

Be notified instantly when you receive a negative review so you can reach out to the buyer, deal with their complaint, and get it removed.

Keyword Research

Amazon internal data, top 20k-100k for each category, 3+ millions of keywords/month/marketplace, gives you real search queries, clicks and real sales for any keyword.

No matter if you use this tool to make auto suggestions for your product, or you want to do manual research of keywords, this tool is going to make it so easy and fast, you wished you had it long ago.

Easily find related keywords, to use in PPC campaigns, SEO and in-depth keyword research.

  • Amazon Internal Data
  • Get Related Keywords
  • 3,000,000+ Real Keywords
  • Get Keyword History

Product Research

Amazon product research data, get the top 50,000+ in every category, 1,000,000+ top products for each marketplace, updated monthly.

This tool is amazing profit finder. Find potential products that you cannot find anywhere else. Filter your search results with rank, sales price, reviews and more filters.At the same time, our system will search through hundreds of stores for best price for you, making Online Arbitrage as easy as it gets.Stop digging manually. Find a sweet spot in just a few clicks and let this app be a game changer for you and your business.

  • 13 Categories
  • Last 12 Months Sales
  • Top 50,000 Products
  • Update Monthly

Movers & Shakers(Amazon Internal Data)

  1. It’s amazon market place data and you can get sales and revenue, and historical trends of every product.
  2. The data is based on 4 weeks (28 days), for example, the units sold is from Jan.1 to Jan.28.
  3. You can use the tool for marketing, product research, competitor analysis. We have strong estimation logics, very similar to real sales, like Jungle Scount.
  4. Updated WEEKLY, support US,JP,CA,EU and UK
    – Similar to real Data
    – Updated Weekly
    – 2,000,000+ Products
    – Support 3rd Category

ASIN Report & Amazon Internal Data

ASIN data is from Amazon A9 search engine, it includes the core search/click/add to cart/purchasing keywords of specified ASIN and the keyword percentage under different categories.

In addition, it provides daily real sales data of the ASIN, click here download a sample.It is recommended to take another copy of the ASIN FBA sales data together with ASIN data because searching sales typically take about 40% sales as a whole.

  • Amazon Internal Data
  • Searching & Sales Data
  • Amazon ARA Data
  • 2-3 Days Delivery

Reverse ASIN

With it you can find all of the keywords Amazon customers are using to find a product.

Use the real keywords with high traffic for listing optimization, PPC ads. Maybe it’s the most reliable reverse ASIN tool in the world, you can compare the keywords to amazon internal asin report, click here download a sample.

  • ASIN’s Real Traffic
  • Updated Monthly
  • 210,000,000 Keywords/Country
  • Most Reliable In the Word

Keyword Rank Tracking

If you have been selling your products within Amazon or in the Kindle Store, then you already know how valuable a keyword rank tracker will be. Keyword Rank Tracking is user friendly tool that will show daily rankings for your products for any keywords you choose.

With this all-encompassing SEO tool for Amazon and Kindle sellers, you will know which keywords are generating traffic for your product and where you are ranking for each of them.

  • Track
  • ad keywords
  • Optimize
  • Sell

Sales Tracking

Track on Actual Sales Volume for Any Product on Amazon. Whether sourcing a new product or spying on a competitor, our accurate inventory tracking tool provides you with available inventory, daily sales, total revenue and more.

This will then allow you to see which types of products you should be investing in and which of your competitors is getting it right and should be emulated!

  • Spy on Competitor
  • Real Sales Data
  • Track Inventory
  • Find New Hot Products

Product Tracker

Monitor competitor activity, pricing and inventory with a click. Say goodbye to manually inputting data and duct taping reports with spreadsheets! And say hello to streamlining how you run your business!

Tracking the following: BSR(support every BSR), reviews, ratings, price, Q&A.

  • Find Hot New Products
  • Track your Product
  • Spy on a Competitor
  • Support 3 Months

Negative Review Notification

70% of consumers look at product reviews before making a purchase. Be notified instantly when you receive a negative review,this tool track reviews  every 10 minutes, you will be informed by email at once when their listing get a 1-3 star rating review.

Get noticed. Don’t delay. Start boosting your product ratings today.

  • Get noticed
  • Don’t delay

FAQ for ASIN report

What is the Amazon ASIN report?

The ASIN report can tell you the top purchase keywords for any ASIN. Each report includes, search volume, click volume, add to carts for each keyword related to the ASIN. Also included is the organics daily sales number for the ASIN. I’m sure you can see the value of this data. Your competition research and keyword research will be exponentially better with the data from this report.

It is suggested to order 3-5 ASIN reports per category for keyword research so that the data will be more objective. Please allow 1-3 business days for us to compile the data for your ASIN report.To submit a AISN for analysis, sign up for an account and go to the ASIN report section.

Which kind of ASIN can be exported the keyword data, parent ASIN or child ASIN?

It is best to use the child ASIN. Search the target ASIN in the Amazon search box first. If the search result is the listing what you want,  then it’s the correct ASIN to use for the ASIN report.

Where does this data come from?

This Data is extracted directly from Amazon. This is NOT an estimated calculation. This is exact data.

What does the “Daily Sales from Search” data include?

The sales volume in the Daly Sales from search” section is the sales volume generated directly from keywords searched in the Amazon search box. Which means that the numbers do not include, sales from outside traffic, i.e. FB or Google ads. It does not include sales when the buyer navigates to a ASIN using the category navigation section, related product recommendations or any “deals” sales. PPC sales data is also not included. 
Unfortunately Amazon has closed the path that had allowed us to gather this extra data. So you are getting the best organic searched keywords used to buy a specific ASIN.

What is the meaning of the keywords in the list of “purchase keywords”? And what does the percentage mean?

The “Purchased Keywords” are related to the organic keyword searches where the ASIN is displayed in the search results and the ASIN is purchased from those search results. These are the top organic keywords used to purchase the ASIN.

Search Percentage: The percentage of purchases from the corresponding keyword.

Why are the keywords of the variant ASIN so little?

The ASIN with too many variants has very few keyword data recorded in the Amazon background, especially those ASINs whose keywords are low-ranking, because some ASINs’ traffics are basically based on the exposure of other variant ASINs. Suppose that we export a report of one ASIN which is called ASIN B, When the user searches for a keyword, he sees another variant which is called ASIN A under the same parent ASIN as ASIN B.

If one user clicks ASIN A and enters the listing but then browses through the ASIN B, which will result that the Amazon system cannot identify the keyword which brought traffic. Therefore, when purchasing the ASIN report, it had better to select the ASIN with excellent performance.

Why does the % for each column add up to 100% ?

The search volume column is almost 100%. These are the organic keywords that were entered into the search bar and then the product was displayed in the results. For Click volume and Add to cart volume it is important to note that not all sales come directly from a keyword search. Some sales may be from the “Frequently bought together” section, “compare with similar products” section, “what other items do customers buy” . So there are some sales that will not be tied directly to a keyword.

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