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Sell More by Using Data to Drive Your Marketing

Klaviyo makes it easy for ecommerce marketers to target,personalize, measure and optimize email and Facebook campaigns.And it only takes a few minutes to get started.


Powerful Segmentation, No Spreadsheets Required

Klaviyo makes it super simple to pull in data from your ecommerce platform, point-of-sale software, and other marketing tools. So the only limit to how you segment your audience is your own imagination. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, and say hello to highly relevant, personalized marketing made easy.


Email Autoresponders, Pre-Built & Ready to Go

Automated triggered email flows for welcome series, abandoned shopping carts and order follow ups are built directly into Klaviyo. All you need to do is activate them, sit back, and watch sales climb.


Report on Sales, Not Just Clicks

We know you’re not in business (just) to drive opens and clicks. Don’t worry, we got you. Unlike other platforms, Klaviyo’s reporting is based on actual transactions – so you can immediately see how much money you made and what your marketing ROI is.


Klaviyo is designed specifically to pull in data from all the tools you use to drive your ecommerce business. The best part? You don’t need an army of developers to set up our integrations.



Klaviyo is built on a single idea:Using data to drive your marketing delivers better results.

That’s why the platform makes it easy to pull in important data and use it to personalize your marketing content, target your campaign, review your results and optimize performance. And you don’t need an army of developers or a PhD to make it happen.

Integrate your ecommerce platform (& more) in one click.

If you don’t have all the data in one place, you can’t use it to drive your marketing. That’s why Klaviyo’s integrations are more powerful than those offered by any other email service provider or marketing automation platform. We pull in more data than your average bear from ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento and others.

You can also integrate payment software, helpdesk, CRM, marketing tools and more. And if you’re using your own homegrown system? No worries – just use Klaviyo’s API to get started.

Set default designs, upload email templates, and create new ones. No HTML required.

As part of getting started with Klaviyo, you’ll define your font and brand colors – and we’ll automatically apply them to built-in workflows, and any new templates you create. You can also create new templates based on different pre-built layouts; tweak default Shopify templates; and upload your own designs. And when it comes time to designing emails for specific campaigns and flows, don’t worry – our drag and drop editor combined with powerful personalization features make content creation… dare we say it… pretty darn fun.

Launch built-in workflows and see your sales climb.

Powerful software doesn’t have to be difficult to use – that’s why we built best practice ecommerce workflows directly into Klaviyo. Turn on the optimized abandon cart series and see your sales go up. Make the most of existing customers with post-purchase email series that include win-backs, product review requests, and friend referrals. And take advantage of your opportunity to make a great first impression with a welcome series for new subscribers that lets you segment based on purchase history, browsing behavior, and email engagement.

Import your lists in minutes, then set up sign up forms & popups to keep it growing.

Have an existing list with another ESP? Don’t worry, we won’t judge. You can import your contacts directly from MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, ExactTarget, Constant Contact and more. Drowning in spreadsheets? We got you. Use our import wizard to turn an excel file into a segmentable audience. And then make sure future contacts are pulled directly into Klaviyo by setting up customizable sign up forms. You can embed on your site, use fly outs that appear after people have been on your site for a while, and use popups.

Track website behavior and open up a new world of targeting possibilities.

All it takes is a few lines of code. A little snippet placed on your site and volia! Enter a world of targeting possibilities. Klaviyo’s web tracking lets you know what your customers are doing on your site — whether they’ve visited recently, or viewed a product in your store.

You can use information to do things like launch a campaign to people who haven’t stopped by recently; get in touch with people who have looked at a product but didn’t buy; segment based on people who are frequent visitors, and much more.

Next level content personalization. Because it’s not 1999.

Want better results? Then send emails that get noticed. Pro tip: only personalizing with your customer’s first name ain’t good enough anymore.That’s why Klaviyo lets you pull in dynamic blocks for order details, cart contents, product recommendations and custom web feeds.Want to make sure a section of your email is shown only to people who meet specific conditions? No sweat. You can hide dynamic data blocks based on recipient characteristics. And yep, don’t worry – you can also use template tags to personalized specific elements. Including first name.

Segmentation possibilities that
let you unleash your

There’s no easier way to increase your marketing ROI than segmentation. And since Klaviyo makes more data available to you than any other platform, it also enables better segmentation – whether it’s based on behavior, properties, or engagement with previous campaigns. Want to look at who spent more than $1,00 in the last 6 months? Done. Tailor a Customer Audience for Facebook? Too easy; just use our Facebook integration. Targeting left-handed dentists in Georgia who purchased last week? A bit extreme, but technically possible.

Use autoresponders,
campaigns, or Facebook ads to
get your message out.

You’re got the content, personalized like never before. Your lists are ready. Powerful segments ready to rock. All that’s left to do is to go live! Whether it’s a newsletter; one-off promotional campaign; automated email flow or triggered series; or a Facebook ad — Klaviyo sets you up to send it all.

Measure what’s important.
Not just what’s there.

Impressions, clicks, and opens only paint part of the picture. That’s why Klaviyo offers you out-of-the-box revenue reporting, based on REAL transactions (not assumptions). Because we integrated deeply with your ecommerce platform and send your emails, we know exactly which email drove the purchase of which product. What does that mean for you? You get accurate results fast. No deterministic modeling. No back of the envelope estimates. No deduplicated modeling. Just cold, hard facts.

Test, learn, optimize.
Rinse and repeat.

Ab testing is a must-do for the data-driven marketer. Don’t settle for clunky interfaces or complicated workarounds to get your tests out the door. Klaviyo makes it simple to AB test your email campaigns and your triggered flows, so you can learn fast. Pick your experiment. Push send. Measure results. And grow your business.

Test, learn, optimize.
Rinse and repeat.

Ab testing is a must-do for the data-driven marketer. Don’t settle for clunky interfaces or complicated workarounds to get your tests out the door. Klaviyo makes it simple to AB test your email campaigns and your triggered flows, so you can learn fast. Pick your experiment. Push send. Measure results. And grow your business.


You need data to drive your marketing.

And that data lives in different places – like your ecommerce platform, your payment processor, your website, marketing tools, helpdesk systems, and more. Klaviyo makes it easy to pull all that data into one place, so you can use it to make your marketing more relevant.


You need to know more than whether someone purchased – you need to know what they bought, when they did it, how many times, how much they spent, how many visits it took, and what campaign you can attribute the purchase to. For starters, anyway. That’s what Klaviyo one-click integrations let you do. And that’s what makes Klaviyo different.


Data that is out of date – or just plain wrong – is of zero use to you. Ecommerce marketers need accurate data, and they need it in real-time. That’s why Klaviyo’s integrations sync automatically. You can trust that your personalization and targeting is based on the latest and greatest information. No manual uploads, data scrubbing or jumping through hoops required.


Klaviyo’s one-click integrations make it possible to get the information you need out of third party apps in minutes. But if you’re using a tool we don’t yet integrate with; or if you rely on your own custom ecommerce integration, fear not: Klaviyo’s well-documented open API makes it easy to get your data where it needs to go. Your developers will thank you.


Each of your customers deserves email and advertising that’s as unique as they are. With Klaviyo, you can easily segment your audience and target triggered campaigns based on things that actually happened instead of guesswork. Target based on what they actually bought, what they actually looked at on your website, where they actually interact with your emails, how much they actually spend so you can send emails they actually want to receive.

Build segments using behavioral and transactional data to target promotions more precisely.

Target flows based on specific events and conditions, like a purchase or subscribing to a list.

Generate better results by sending marketing campaigns that are more relevant.

Dynamic segments that update in real-time.

Unlike other ESPs, Klaviyo segments update automatically – so you can worry less about manually maintaining lists, and spend your time on new ideas instead.

Combine and exclude segments for powerful targeting.

Klaviyo lets you specify multiple conditions for your segment. Targeting people named John who bought shoes last Tuesday? No sweat.

Use website activity to build behavior-based segments.

Set up Klaviyo’s custom web tracking to use browsing behavior to target your email flows. Only want to target people who looked at pants 3 times in 7 days? We got you.

Power Facebook Advertising With Klaviyo Segments

Charge up your marketing campaigns by using Klaviyo’s simple Facebook integration to automatically import your segments into Facebook Custom Audiences. It’s never been so easy to create powerful, consistent cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Sky’s-The-Limit Segmentation Means Unlimited Targeting Opportunities.


Spend above a certain amount


Come from specific marketing channels


Buy certain types of products


Buy multiple times in one month


Purchased within the last month


Always buy full price


Only buy with coupons


Order multiple items in one cart


Visit frequently but don’t buy

Abandoned Cart

Go beyond the basics, and see your sales climb. Klaviyo’s pre-built abandoned cart series is automatically populated with details of the order your customer left behind. It includes two emails: one sent a few hours after abandonment, and the second sent within 2 days. Once you’ve configured your default brand styles, all you need to do it turn it on.

Offer followups

Following up post-purchase helps you maximize the average lifetime value of your customers. Klaviyo offers pre-built thank you emails for new and returning customers, and product review notices to help you gather feedback and encourage cross-selling. You can also take advantage of automated winback flows, to help activate repeat purchases.

Welcome series

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Klaviyo pre-builds a multi-email series to introduce your customers to your products, your brand and your story. You can easily segment your series based on whether someone’s bought, what they’ve looked at and which emails they’re opening. Just set it live, and you’re good to go!


Measure What Matters

Why settle for opens, clicks, or sale approximations — you deserve more. Klaviyo’s reporting lets you measure what really matters: how much revenue you’ve generated, how much you can attribute to email marketing, the breakdown of revenue generated by email flows vs. campaigns, and how much revenue per recipient you’re averaging. And that’s just the beginning.


Your Marketing Performance Measurement Command Center

Get an at-a-glance view of key metrics and how they’re trending.

See how current performance compares to previous periods.

Add, edit, and remove metrics to customize your dashboard.

Real-time activity streams show who recently completed each action.

All the flexibility you need for meaningful analysis

See trends in events like orders, subscribers, & more.

Use cohort analysis to see shifts in customer behavior.

See total subscribers & track growth of lists & segments.

Compare actions across different segments over time.


Direct insight into the humans behind the numbers

Real-time activity feeds show you everyone who does something you care about.

Whether it’s looking up who recently ordered, tracking down refund requests, looking up visitors on your site or checking out order fulfilment status – we’ve got you covered. Go behind the numbers to the people who are engaging and buying from you with Klaviyo’s real-time activity feeds.

Get to know your all-stars with automated “best people” views for any event.

Curious who your most valuable customers are? No problem. Klaviyo offers a “best people” view for any of your key metrics. You can look up your top buyers for a specific product; check out people who spend the most money; sneak a peek at people most likely to open or click on your messages, and more.

Opens, Clicks, Bounces & More: Yes, We Do That Too.

Performance reports for triggered email flows and campaigns let you track all the numbers you need to have, including opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. Need to see opens and clicks across devices, or by domain? No problem. And of course, we’ll show you orders and total revenue generated, too – because we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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