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Export Your Store

Easily export and sync your eBay items to Amazon.

Magically increase your sales.

What do we do?

Sit back and relax while our smart tool exports your eBay store to Amazon, and keeps it in sync.
All you need to do is sign up, and just like magic – your sales will expand!
Our system works behind the scene so you can continue selling.

How it works

  • Manage all of your products as you did before
  • Everything works automatically behind the scenes
  • Changes in your stores are immediately updated on Amazon & eBay

Quantity Sync

Immediately update quantity events sold / close / revise

New Item Sync 

Automatically export new items listed/relisted. No action needed by the seller.

Reverse Item

Items reversed on eBay will update Amazon title, description, quantity, etc…


Our smart service learns the items to fit the items for the best match.


How does the export works?

You will be happy to hear that we are not another listing management software. In ExportYourStore, you won’t have to create or manage your items like on other platforms.

You can continue managing your products on eBay as you currently do (listing new items, close items, change inventory quantities, pricing and etc).

We are an automatic service, connecting eBay and Amazon’s seller inventories.

The 3-step registration process:

  1. The seller chooses the username & password to our platform.
  2. The seller connects his eBay sale channel to our platform.
  3. The seller connects the eBay Amazon channel to our service

Once the seller finishes the registration (it can take up to 60 sec) our service begins the following steps “behind the scenes”:

  1. Copy the seller eBay items to our storage database.
  2. Analyzing the items, preparing them to export to Amazon.
  3. You will automatically receive an email when your items are ready to be sent. (The process can take up to 30 min).

My Store is ready to export, what’s now?

  1. Log In to your dashboard.

  2. Choose items to export and then just click “Export to Amazon”.

Finally, we have a unique and special feature that automatically exports and syncs all your items to Amazon. All you have to do is press the “Auto Sync” button.

Do I need an Amazon account to use your service?

Yes, you need to open your own store, like on eBay.

Creating an Amazon Store:

Before you can sell your goods on Amazon, you need to create a store through Seller Central. As a seller, you have the choice of creating professional account.

Please note: Our service works only with an Amazon Professional account.

Click here to learn and select to register as professional Amazon account.

How does the synchronization work?

Our smart sync service works near to real-time, 24/7.

The sync service does the following actions:

Quantity sync:

Keeping your items always at the same quantity on eBay and Amazon.


  1. Sold item on eBay will update Amazon item quantity

  2. Sold item on Amazon will update eBay quantity.

  3. Reverse item quantity on eBay or Amazon will update them.

New item sync:

Our source is eBay for every new item listed or relisted on eBay.

Our smart service will export to Amazon automatically in real time.

No action by the seller is required.

Reverse item:

For every Reverse on eBay, item will update the item on Amazon.

It can be the title change, description or anything…

Do I need to manage my items on your system?

The philosophy behind our service is that sellers are busy people and they don’t have time to login and manage multiple platforms.
With ExportYourStore, you can continue managing your products on eBay regularly.

You can monitor your sales and items from our Dashboard. We made sure that the changes you make will be are synced to Amazon right away (almost in real time).

How are auction type listings handled?

Unlike eBay, Amazon is a fixed-price marketplace and auctions are not allowed.
While exporting from eBay to Amazon there are two options for handling auctions:

  1. Ignore auctions – Auctions will be ignored and won’t be exported to Amazon.
  2. Export auctions – Our system will export auctions and list them on Amazon as fixed price listings.

The auction price on eBay will become the fixed price on Amazon (this price can be easily updated after the export, by the seller).

How often is the eBay-Amazon inventory synchronized?

Our Synchronize system is working in real-time on our side. Every change that happened on Amazon or eBay automatically update our system, while our system update eBay and Amazon. There is a battle neck on Amazon that causes the update to takes up to 15 minutes.

Is there a back end or admin area for the sellers?

Yes, the admin gives you the abilities to:

  1. Overview eBay And Amazon inventories’ combination.
  2. View the statistics of your sold items, from all the platforms.
  3. Manage settings.

How do you handle the pricingimagesdescription on Amazon?


Our system locates the images on eBay (even if they are part of the description) and uploads them to Amazon during the export process.


While eBay allows to include images, graphics and HTML code to item descriptions, Amazon doesn’t.
During the export we’ll strip HTML and other prohibited content from the description and only then export it to Amazon.
During the export process we review your eBay descriptions and configure our system to automatically adjust the descriptions to fit Amazon requirements.
*You have the options to adjust your settings by patterns.


The Pricing will be exact and reflected on both platforms.
*The seller has an option to increase the pricing by percentage.


The number of items (quantity) will be exact and reflected on both platforms.

*Please note we have the option to do any complicated adjustments on Amazon.

My items required barcodes(UPC) on Amazon

If needed we will provide it for you! (at no additional fee, as part of our support service)
Our service is smart to check if the item already exists on Amazon and if it needs to match an existing Amazon page.

Do you supporting variations ?

Yes! And it works like a champ!

We are supporting all kind of variations

Which categories do you support?

We are supporting all eBay and Amazon categories.

witch sites(countries) you supporting ?

We are supporting all sites.

Also we can sync and export from different sites, for example, eBay UK to Amazon us.

We will cast the money to the US and doing all the works.

What is the price?

We charge only the monthly plan price, you will have no extra charges and no commitment.
Our small plan starts from 69$ per month for up to 500 items.
To view the full pricing chart, please visit our website.

Support Included?

We giving to our sellers VIP support , response up to 4 hours.
we helping our sellers with Amazon settings and amazon support ,
also for any modification that the seller needs we doing it as part of the support.

Can I change plan or cancel the subscription at any time?

Sure. There is no commitment from your side.

What about Refunds?

If you don’t like our service money back grantee

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Export Your Store

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