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Canton Fair A CBS Fair Guide

I invite you to go to China and Attend the Canton Fair in April 2017

and Find New Private Label Products for your Amazon or Ecommece business from the World’s Largest Private Label Marketplace

When I opened my first private label business over 25 years ago, I had no idea I was on a lifelong path of being a merchant. All I can think of was the hard work and mistakes I made in the very beginning.

But through persistence I overcame my mistakes to start, build and sell six different brick and mortar businesses, selling millions and millions of dollars of physical products on and offline along the way. Its with this knowledge and experience that I have created and built my own Amazon Private label business.

When I started having success as an Amazon seller many of my friends began asking my advice on how to get started.  So I created the very popular FBA Headstart Amazon training course.

Several hundred students later, I started getting requests for more advanced training and where to find more unique and different products. So I took the plunge and went to China and the Canton Fair in the spring of 2015 to not only look for products for my own business, but to blaze the trail for future Amazon sellers.

What I found was over 20,000 private label manufacturers who are ready and willing to do business with us.  I found ways to make the trip more productive, more cost effective and yes, even easier and safer.

The whole time I was there, I was thinking if you can’t find products here you should give up and go get a job.

As I was on the flight coming home, I thought what if I could combine the knowledge I gained by attending the fair to help others with face to face coaching and networking with other successful amazon sellers.

And the Canton Conference was born. The purpose of this event is to not only help you find new products, but help you grow and scale your business to well beyond the next level.  I hope you will join me and other successful Amazon sellers in this unique event.

How much could you grow your Private Label Amazon or Ecommerce business if you could…

Find different products than everyone else has access to on Alibaba

Have custom products made to your exact specifications

Establish face to face relationships with your suppliers

Get better pricing by negotiating face to face with your suppliers

Get ideas for new products or even new brands

Separate your Amazon business from the masses

Spend 4 days with me and other successful Ecommerce sellers

Have me and other Amazon sellers help you grow your business

Build memories for a lifetime by taking a trip to exotic China

Before the Trip A live training webinar

I’ll go into tremendous detail to prepare you for what to expect at the fair.

By the time we’re done you’ll feel like you have experienced going the fair many times and I cover everything you need to know to how to work with suppliers to negotiating better deals.

I cover everything you need to make your travel plans go smoothly.

We’ll cover everything from how to get your visa to exchanging money how to get wi-fi in China and much more.

After the fair A one on one 30 minute coaching call with me

We can talk about anything you like

I will talk with you and make sure you have an a plan in place and are making progress in your amazon business.

One on One attention

I charge quite a bit for my 1 on 1 coaching but I think a our conversation will help you apply everything you learned while in China and launch your business to new heights.

There’s also some nice additional benefits included

Private Label Canton will be held at the Langham Place Hotel.

A 5 Star Luxury Resort

The Langham Place known for its unique architectural style throughout the world. Stunning city skyline views and world class amenities will make your stay a lifelong memory.

Plus, you’ll get really great rates on your room

The Langham is usually close to $400 per night during the fair, but we have special discounted rates on a limited number of rooms for those who book early.

It depends on when you stay but rooms are discounted down to about $250 per night.

But you can stay any place you like

Many people from past trips have stayed with friends or family. You can stay any place you like and once you join the trip I will send you a list of hotels you can book at various price ranges.

Enjoy everything the hotel has to offer

Enjoy a drink and magnificant views from the stylish Skybar or even doing a little golfing on their rooftop golf course.

The Langham Hotel is connected to the Fair building so you can easily come and go as you please

Clolse enough to walk to the the fair

The Langham is connected to the canton fair buildings and is less than 100 feet away. When the hotel is this close you can go back to your room and rest for a bit during the day and easily go back to the fair.

Most hotels are not even within walking distance

If you stayed at other hotels you have to take a daily buy or taxi to get to the fair. Its time consuming and a hassle. When you stay this close you can can spend more time finding products and less time traveling.

Gourmet food and beverages with all of the special little touches!

We will eat and drink well!

During the workshop we will have an exotic blend of Chinese tea available during our daily tea service. Prefer coffee? Then enjoy our on site espresso machine for that daily me up.

World Class Meals!

I have made arrangements with the hotel chef to prepare unique upscale western style meals that are sure to please even the most discriminating of tastes.

Socialize with everyone on the trip

The trip is not all work….

We have lots of fun, too. This was our pesonal waiter “Fuzzy” You can simply hang out and talk with other members or have a drink together or even go out and enjoy all that the city of Canton has to offer.

Many people go out for group dinners

For those who wish to be a social, we will meet each evening to discuss the day or go out for group dinners.

Build your Amazon network with membership in my Private Label Canton Facebook Group

You’ll be able to network with other members long after the Fair is over

A large part of this trip is to meet and network with other Amazon sellers. You are entitled to membership in my Private Label Canton facebook group. Its nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of or help you solve an issue. This is the place for that!

We typically do fun things, too!

Here we are in a Tai Chi class

On our last trip we invited the Canton School of Tai Chi to give us a lesson. Here we are learning basic moves from the Tai Chi Instructor.

Life long friends!

By the end of the trip you will have made several lifelong friends. People who can help you in your business but people you will just like being around.

Who attends the fair and where are they from?

We’ve had people from all backgrounds, skill and experience levels Amazon sellers or Ecommerce Sellers with their own estores You are welcome to attend from any country… People from over 17 countries have attended Private Label Canton

This trip is for you if…

are ready to grow and scale your business to the next level

You’re looking to build a complete brand and financial asset

You know that coaching and relationships with other Amazon sellers will help you

This trip isn’t for you if…

You’re on a limited budget and are not willing to invest in your business

You’re afraid to try new things and are afraid to grow your business

You’re just satisfied where you are with your current situation


  1. What will I be responsible for besides the amount of the Fair?

    Admission to the fair is free. However, you will be responsible for your airfare and hotel room, transportation to the hotel and a few meals and anything else you wish to purchase. Airfare is very inexpensive to China. Round trip flights typically range from $600 to $1000 US dollars. 4 and 5 star hotels range from $150-200 per night

  2. Is going to China safe?

    I have traveled quite a bit and I have never felt safer than when I was in China. There culture values integrity. I have tried to make the trip as worry free as possible so you don’t have to worry about these types of things. You will always be with a group.

  3. Will I be OK traveling by myself as a woman?

    More so than in other major cities. You should always use reasonable precautions but you will always be with the group. The canton fair area has quite a bit of security.

  4. Will I have the opportunity to see other parts of China if I choose

    Sure, When I went I choose to go to Hong Kong and to Macau.

  5. Which airport do I fly into?

    Guanzhou (CAN-Baiyun Intl.) It is a major airport with direct flights from most major western cities.

  6. Is the trip refundable?

    Private Label Canton is a live event with limited seating. So unfortunately it is not refundable

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Canton Fair A CBS Fair Guide

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