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2017 Amazon-Centric Tradeshows and Conferences [Updated March 27, 2017]

I frequently get asked about which trade shows and conferences are good, and which ones are bad. I attended 17 shows in 2016; most of them were targeted at Amazon sellers. For this post, I want to provide you with some notes on each show. My goal is to give you a basic plan to help you prepare for trade shows in 2017.

However, first a caveat. I believe that any trade show can be worthwhile. It is not about whom you know, it about whom you do not know and if you stay home you can only expand your business so much. The best way to grow your business is to get out and meet other people.

Trade Shows and Conferences for Amazon Sellers

  1. January 16 Feedvisor Orlando, FL
  2. March 7-10 SCOE Philly Philadelphia, PA
  3. March 6-8 Catalyst Nashville, TN
  4. March 21-23 PROSPER Show Las Vegas, NV
  5. April 3-9 Seller Optimization Summit, Virtual
  6. April 23 ACE Conference, Neptune City, NJ
  7. April 27 Professional Meetup and Workshop, Brooklyn, NY
  8. May 2& 3 Resonate Professional Amazon Conference, Atlanta, GA
  9. May 8 & 9 Scan Power Conference, Providence, RI
  10. May 18-20 Sellers Summit 2017 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  11. June 2-3 Rocky Mountain Reseller Conference Denver, CO
  12. June 6-9 IRCE Chicago
  13. July 21-22 Midwest eCom Minneapolis, MN
  14. Sept 6 & 7, UK Seller Conference, London, England
  15. Sept 5-7 SCOE Seattle Seattle WA
  16. September 20-23 CES V Orlando, FL
  17. September 11-15 Retail Global Las Vegas
  18. October 20-21 eCom Chicago Chicago

Unknown Dates:

If you know of other shows, please share so that I can update this list.

Don’t Miss Shows

Prosper ( – A new show in 2016, the Prosper show hit the ground running with more than 700 attendees and an agenda packed full of information. This conference is 100% Amazon focused and is moving to Las Vegas for 2017. The new show will be collocated with the ASD conference and expects to top 1000 attendees. The show’s producers, James Thompson and Joseph Hansen takes the time to craft an agenda that is unique covering topics not talked about at other conferences. 

IRCE ( – This is an industry bedrock and has been for quite some time. If you are not into big shows, this is not the place for you. Expect more than 10,000 retail sellers at this conference. This show has an Amazon pre-conference workshop, but the real value is in learning new trends in retail e-commerce. Attendees at this show range from Fortune 100 companies to Amazon sellers. It is a bit harder to find people at IRCE, so this is not a good show if you have never attended a show in the past.

Retail Global ( – Phil Leahy and his team know how to put on a show. Everything at this show is first class and done right. Phil is modeling his US show after his successful show he produces in Australia. 2017 will mark the third year for this show. The 2016 show had more than 600 attendees, so I expect 2017 will continue to see growth. This show has a strong Amazon track but will also provide sellers with a chance to learn tactics for growing a global business. If you have extra time, plan to come to one of the pre-conference workshops for more in-depth training.

What’s my favorite show?

Resonate – Okay, I’ll admit I am biased. This is the show was first done by Seller Labs in 2016, which I put together. Most of the feedback from attendees was that the show was a fantastic value. Ninety-eight percent of those who attended said they plan to come back in 2017. 

Resonate was designed to be an “unconference”. We wanted it to be small—around 100 people—and the content was presented in a non-traditional fashion, with a strong focus on deeper topics. As we look to bring Resonate back in 2017, we are working hard to deliver a unique conference that provides attendees with a deeper understanding of their businesses and a resource where they can connect with sellers operating on the same level with similar pain points. If you are interested in attending Resonate 2017, please visit our information page to get updates about the show.

Other Shows

Without going through every show from my list, I think any show is worthwhile if you get one thing out of it. Some shows are ideal for their location; others have great content. If you pick a bad show—meaning the site and content stinks—then focus on making new connections.

In no way is my list complete. In addition to the conferences listed above you have a whole list of industry trade shows where Amazon sellers can find products, build relationships and grow their businesses. To take trade shows even further, many high volume sellers also attend mastermind courses and meet ups. Typically, a mastermind is produced out of a community. At these events, you will meet with a smaller group of people to get more in-depth training and knowledge. Unfortunately, a smaller group also comes, a higher price tag—don’t be afraid to spend money and invest in yourself!

  • Do you have a favorite show?
  • Do you attend a conference or trade show not on this list?
  • Do you have a mastermind you would recommend?
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